In JMIC Case Studies: knowledge sharing at EuroHeartCare 2017.

In issue 38 of Business Events World, issue 37’s faint whiff of surgical spirit lingers on.

In JMIC Case Studies you’ll find the latest addition to The Iceberg’s cornerstone academic content. On the back of EuroHeartCare 2017, hosted by Jönköping University in Sweden, a new report assesses the event’s legacy of knowledge sharing and organisational development.

In Features (click the right arrow), Adelaide’s BioMed City is now attracting major conferences. Medicine and pharma are also among the knowledge hubs of Japan’s fifth-largest city, Sapporo.

There were actually too many medical stories to put on The Iceberg this issue! The Association for Medical Education in Europe Conference is soon heading to Basel. Brisbane is to host the International Congress on Nursing in 2020 in conjunction with Australia’s annual Health Informatics Conference. The 2020 MedTech Conference is in Toronto. The 2023 International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis Congress is in Montreal. And Dubai will host the 7th International Genetic Disorders Conference later this year. A while ago I was lucky enough to interview its extraordinary champion, Dr Maryam Matar, for Intellectual Capitals.

In News (also clicking the right arrow), Newcastle is enjoying yet another medical conference boom, and Brisbane a general conference bonanza. The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for the events industry is holding evidence sessions on the sector, and its chair also got to open The Meetings Show. There’s a water conference in Cape Town, Martin Sirk’s departure from ICCA, and reaction to the US Supreme Court ruling on Trump Travel ban III. Australia’s Northern Territory has commissioned a strategy for business events. Wales has also launched one. Demand for “experiential” meeting design is growing. So are registrations at the Dubai Association Centre. And Successful Meetings has published a survey of industry trends.

There’s still more on The Iceberg itself (click View all News). An environmental partnership includes ICC Sydney, UK MPs green light Heathrow’s third runway, the MMB Coalition plans for the 2018 US midterms, ASAE’s Association Leadership Forum heads to Singapore, and there’s also a substantial business events investment at the University of Hull.

In Opinions (still clicking the right arrow!) you’ll find sustainable events, Oklahoma City Convention Center’s groundbreaking, reusable coffee cups, taking your meetings outside, IACC Meeting Room of The Future analysis, a review of The Meetings Show, BESydney’s Lyn Lewis-Smith, and Northstar’s new website on affordable meetings cities.

Finally, there are two additions to ResearchMatching Meetings with Destinations in a World of Too Much Choice from Maritz Global Events, and Looking Forward 2018 from Association Laboratory via the Global Association Hubs Partnership.

Until the next time…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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