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Global Exhibition Barometer 28th Edition (February 2022)

Welcome to the 28th edition of the UFI Global Exhibition Barometer survey. This study is based on a global survey conducted in January 2022. It represents up-to-date information on the status and outlook of the global exhibition industry, as well as on 29 specific markets. UFI launched the barometer on the back of a global…

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Competitive Index 2021

Global convention industry consulting firm GainingEdge has released its fourth annual Competitive Index of international convention destinations.  The 2021 edition ranks the world’s top cities in terms of key draw factors for meeting planners. Competitive Index 2021 (GainingEdge website) 2021 Destination Competitive Index Offers Advanced Tools for Business Recovery (GainingEdge press release)

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The IRF 2022 Trends Report

Given the importance of recruitment, retention and engagement, incentive programmes are more important than ever. Dramatic hiring shifts are driving companies to examine how to be even more competitive in the job market, and a robust incentive program is an important part of an organisation’s full benefits package. The IRF 2022 Trends Report (IRF website)

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UFI World Map of Exhibition Venues (2022 Edition)

This global census covers all exhibition venues with a minimum of 5,000 square metres of gross indoor exhibition space. Regionally, Europe is home to 39 percent of the world’s total venue capacity, followed by the Asia-Pacific region (32 percent) and North America (20 percent). In terms of size, the number of “mega venues” (those with…

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Digital Events Insights (PCMA and AC Forum)

COVID-19 has accelerated the delivery of events in a digital environment, thus impacting the way participants make the decision to attend and engage in events. Best practices are rapidly changing with few benchmarks to guide success for organisations delivering business events across various factors and formats. PCMA and the AC Forum embarked on a research…

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The Trade Fair Industry in Asia – 17th Edition (October 2021)

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has released the 17th edition of its annual report on the Trade Fair Industry in Asia, providing a snapshot of an industry reeling from an ongoing crisis. The report, compiled by Business Strategies Group in Hong Kong, provides a best estimate for the actual performance of the…

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