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12 October 2020


The interactive coral reef that is home to PlanetIMEX, October edition, is open for exploration and engagement all week long. It is founded on the principles of nurturing community, encouraging connections and sparking creativity and business innovation in the face of industry challenges. Professional development and scheduled sessions go live at 2pm London time on…

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ECM COVID-19 Resource Centre | A New Tomorrow

ECM wants to continue to empower the conversation during this unprecedented situation with a new initiative, “A New Tomorrow”.  The purpose is to share ideas and challenges, find inspiration in new practice and different approaches, and envision together with all of our members, a new future of destinations rebuilt and conventions reimagined to meet new…

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18 September 2020

UFI Connects | The start of the European recovery?

Building confidence & inspiring trust in frightened customers: We are very happy to see the return of exhibitions in a growing number of European countries – with more opening their doors in September and October. Research shows that exhibitors and visitors are keen to return to the show floor to reconnect and to rebuild their…

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8 December 2020

ASAE | Virtual Technology Exploration Conference 2020

Immerse yourself in new, interactive opportunities designed to help move your organization forward at this year’s revitalized Technology Exploration Conference. Get real-world experience in our new, hands-on tech training seminar and attend a series of learning sessions and demos from the best in the industry. Discover how the latest technology can drive your organization to…

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2 December 2020

ASAE | Young Professionals Leadership Development Series: Crucial...

We create the world we want to live and operate in with the words we use and hear. This is especially true in the workplace. In this session, we’re going to learn: how to become aware of our own impact and influence on those around us; how to design crucial conversations—which can include performance reviews,…

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10 November 2020

ASAE | Join the Membership Revolution Online Seminar Series

The recent COVID-19 pandemic produced shifts in member behavior and drove membership models to evolve. Due to the pandemic, many successful associations are moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to varied membership options and more individualized engagement opportunities to embrace the “new normal” in a post COVID world. This online seminar series will offer insights into…

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6 November 2020

ASAE | Young Professionals Leadership Development Series: Values Based...

It really is possible to add immense value through values. This interactive session explores values-based leadership through two effective (and free) assessments. Through the lens of the VIA and SCARF assessments—and other best practices that we will discuss together—participants will: discover their most cherished values or character strengths; xplore how to leverage those values to amplify professional impact; keep…

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5 November 2020

ASAE | The Bottom Line: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

The Bottom Line is designed for non-financially-oriented individuals, employees with new budgeting responsibilities, or people who are just looking to broaden their scope of knowledge. You’ll learn or review the basics of financial information—the key terms and concepts that even former humanities majors need to understand in order to succeed in thriving organizations. By the end…

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5 October 2020

ASAE | Exceptional Boards – Virtual Edition: Strengthening the...

This special virtual edition of Exceptional Boards is an online workshop for CEOs and elected officers. Delivered live and highly interactive with plenty of time to process what your team is learning, the program fosters effective governance and optimizes the entire board as a cohesive unit through best practices in board organization, structure, and operations….

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9 November 2020

ASAE | CEO Symposium – Virtual Edition

The CEO Symposium provides a unique opportunity for you and your volunteer leader to maximize the leadership partnership. Explore how you can best work together to effectively carry out your association’s mission and enhance future success. The expert faculty from Tecker International, LLC, will help you and your leadership partner come to a common understanding…

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27 October 2020

ASAE | Law Essentials for Non-Lawyers Online Seminar Series

Awareness of legal issues that may affect your organization is critical for all association professionals. This online seminar series provides essential, up-to-date information on key legal topics—specifically for nonlawyers whose work responsibilities may be affected by legal obligations. During this virtual program, you’ll have an opportunity to network with colleagues and gather tips and practical…

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21 October 2020

ASAE | Managing People Online Course Collection

This ASAE Learning Online Collection, featuring more than a dozen courses, is designed to help managers at any level sharpen their thinking, improve their interaction with staff, build stronger teams, and strengthen their ability to handle performance problems. Engage in discussion with other attendees and subject-matter experts to hear what challenges others are facing and…

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