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AIPC Convention Centre Reopening Crisis Management Masterclass

This interactive crisis management workshop aims to help participants prepare for a smooth, successful venue reopening period. For many facilities and their management, challenges around changing reopening requirements, national vaccination programs, mutations of the Covid virus, stakeholder concerns, and media attention combine to give cause for concern around the time period in which reopening ‘towards…

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1 February 2021

AIPC Leading Change By Design: Mobilizing Your Team to Great...

(For AIPC members only.) The Leadership deep dive training is designed to help senior management gain insights and practical tools to use as they lead their people and influence those outside their organization through this time of great change. The content addresses two critical components of successful change leadership and transformation where the human side of business is…

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17 March 2021

ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2021, Online

Save the date to attend our first online ECM International Conference & General Assembly. During this 3-day event, you will have the opportunity to attend live and breakout sessions, network with your colleagues from all over Europe and experience our interactive social programme. We hope to see you all, virtually of course, in March!

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26 January 2021

ASAE | Marketing Automation & Technology Systems Demo Day

Tasked with finding the right Marketing Technology Systems for your organization? Wondering what platforms are out there and what features you should be looking for? Join us for our FREE Marketing Automation & Technology Systems Demo Day event and experience seven in-depth demos from industry partners that are standing by ready to help.

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25 January 2021

ASAE | Exceptional Boards: Strengthening the Governance Team

This virtual edition of Exceptional Boards is an online workshop for CEOs and elected officers. Delivered live and highly interactive with plenty of time to process what your team is learning, the program fosters effective governance and optimizes the entire board as a cohesive unit through best practices in board organization, structure, and operations. Discover…

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21 January 2021

ASAE | Content Curation 101: Creating Meaningful Member Relationships

Explore how you can keep your members engaged with relevant, personalized content. Through the power of artificial intelligence, a different newsletter could be effortlessly created and sent to each individual based on their unique reading habits. In this webinar you will learn the tools, methods, and best practices for curating outside news sources in order…

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14 January 2021

ASAE | Retirement Plan Fees – How They Impact Your Association&...

Many employers are unaware of the responsibilities required of them and the related risks involved in managing their retirement plans. With ERISA litigation increasing around excessive 401(k) fees, our Ask the 401(k) Professionals Webinar Series is designed to educate plan sponsors on their duties, how to manage them and how this can impact both the association’s bottom…

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11 January 2021

ASAE | CEO Symposium – Virtual Edition

The CEO Symposium provides a unique opportunity for you and your volunteer leader to maximize the leadership partnership. Explore how you can best work together to effectively carry out your association’s mission and enhance future success. The expert faculty from Tecker International, LLC, will help you and your leadership partner come to a common understanding…

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15 December 2020

ASAE | Aligning Norms, Core Values & Codes of Conduct: A CEO...

Good governance prescribes that board members uphold their Duty of Obedience. Acting in a manner consistent with the association’s code of conduct is an essential requirement of that responsibility, however current times have put that obligation to the test. Join this CEO dialogue to hear insights from CEOs and industry experts on how they are…

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14 December 2020

ASAE | Delivering a Successful Hybrid Event

For many organizations there are many unknowns regarding hybrid events. It’s a new cost, new requirements, a new customer mix, and new technology with a delicate balance between the in-person and online experience. Join us as two experts with many years of experience supporting hybrid events discuss what the new breed of hybrid events will…

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7 January 2021

ASAE Young Professionals: Emotional Intelligence for Workplace...

This session will provide an overview of the four components of emotional intelligence, framed by the foundational psychological theories. Attendees will learn the importance of EI in the workplace, how to foster the key EI behaviors in themselves and others, how to use EI to be effective at work, and other key tips. This interactive…

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7 December 2020

ASAE Spotlight Session: Activate Your Organization’s Data

Join us for this special ASAE Business Solutions spotlight session focused on new integration software brought to you by HighRoad Solutions, provider of the ASAE-Endorsed Digital Marketing Solution. See firsthand how Spark can help make journey-based, goal-tied marketing and communications possible and put the power of your data into your marketers’ hands. In this spotlight session,…

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