Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Copenhagen Legacy Lab is an innovative and concrete strategic initiative launched by Copenhagen Convention Bureau. It is a nexus that seeks to deeper integrate the international congresses held in Copenhagen with the local public, business and science communities by facilitating a systematic and proactive exploration and development of untapped potential impact activities. This with the aim of generating positive, long-term, sustainable impacts for the benefit, transformation and flourishment of both our local and global communities.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab aspires to inspire international associations to adopt a legacy-focused approach to their business events. It presents an opportunity for international associations to realise their organisational purpose, vision and objectives through specific activities in connection with their events in our region. And for the destination to promote innovation, knowhow, internationalisation and thereby stimulate economic- and social growth.

At Copenhagen Convention Bureau we have been intensely researching in and experimenting with it for many years. Through the past three years we have conducted a PhD study on the impact and legacy of congresses. And we have, together with the other Danish CVBs, produced the MeetDenmark Outreach and Legacy reports and contributed to the BestCities Legacy Measurement Report. In parallel, great work within this field has also been carried out by others. The Joint Meeting Industry Council, BestCities, ICCA, Sydney University of Technology and IMEX and many others have all inspired and helped in the build-up of our understanding of the potentials and mechanisms of legacy.

We want to create the world’s leading innovation hub on legacy – developing and collecting knowledge and best practices and turn them into concrete actionable learnings for the benefit of the industry and society at large.

We invite associations and all other stakeholders to connect with us and to make use of Copenhagen Legacy Lab as a valuable component to congress business models.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you all and to continue supporting a strong and committed meetings industry of the future and share with you, in this platform, insights, processes and tools.

Welcome to Copenhagen Legacy Lab.