Global Association Hubs


We aim to be:

“The world’s most committed and valued destination partners for international associations”

Mission statement

“We support international associations to achieve their global societal and business ambitions, whilst advancing our cities’ knowledge economy goals and strategic competitiveness.”

GAHP-owned position in the market

“Each GAHP city offers its region’s strongest association-related eco-system and partnership opportunities.”

Value proposition

  • Long-term commitment to building & nurturing strong association communities in our cities.
  • Expert understanding of the wide range of objectives, challenges and opportunities related to the strategic development of international associations.
  • Specialised agencies and/or support structures and services.
  • Access to valuable intellectual resources.
  • Custom-designed advice, service and partnerships.

Advocacy position

“International associations are a vital force for societal progress and civilised values”

They drive:

  • Knowledge creation and transfers
  • Lifelong learning
  • Scientific advancement
  • Healthcare outcome improvements
  • Solutions for environmental challenges
  • Technological innovation
  • Reduction of trade barriers
  • Inward investment & economic development
  • Capacity development: training, skill transfers, certifications
  • Cultural understanding
  • Serendipitous connections
  • More intelligent and informed policymaking