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It’s Time for Associations to Own Their Conference Footprint

Associations are, ultimately, responsible for the carbon emissions produced by their meetings. Yet, when it comes to doing something about them, too many focus almost entirely on the supply chain – relying on host cities, venues, caterers etc. to provide evidence of how they are reducing their emissions. By James Lancaster, from Association Meetings International…

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Tarsus & Informa Show the Road Ahead for Major Exhibition Groups

Exhibition News guest editor Phil Soar analyses the effects of Informa buying Tarsus on the wider industry and considers the road ahead for our major exhibition groups: “A couple of months ago that I suggested the trade show world was very likely to be back to normal by 2024 and, in many cases, well ahead…

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Putting Menopause on the Agenda

Menopause will affect half the world’s population but it’s very rarely spoken about, even less so in professional settings. So how do we get it on the agenda and how do we create supportive, inclusive and encouraging working environments for menopausal women? From M&IT Magazine…

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Skift Take: Google Xi Days

The people in the room create the DNA of an event, and like-minded people usually generate one-dimensional thinking. So imagine the magic that happens when an eclectic group of thinkers from varied backgrounds, professions, and demographics gather together — exactly what happened during the Google Experience Institute (Xi) Days. From Skift Meetings…

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Events Sector Finally Getting Recognition – What’s Next?

It took a pandemic for governments to realise the value of business events. Now the sector has to keep up its advocacy and collaboration efforts. At the recent UFI Asia-Pacific Conference 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, leaders in the Asia’s events and exhibitions space shared about their effective advocacy strategies and learnings… From Meetings & Conventions…

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AMI Podcast | Kai Hattendorf on Net Zero Carbon Events

‘The Net Zero Carbon Events initiative is the collective effort of the global events industry, to make sure that our sector can do its part in that important journey to net zero to combat climate change. It is by now the most global, most inclusive initiative our industry has ever seen…’ From Association Meetings International…

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Jack Johnson: The Power of One Single Question

This is a stressful time in our society and just as importantly, within our destination organization family. And I cannot think of a better first step than to reach out to our families, friends, neighbors, and our peers within the destination organization community and ask that simple question, “How are you doing?” From Destinations International…

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Thoughts on a Social License for Tourism, Engagement & Alignment

Around the world, there’s a new course to be plotted as destination organizations look inward at stakeholders and residents and begin to address the organizational changes needed to facilitate that shift: marketing must have a local voice, budgets need to address a wider scope of projects throughout the community with diverse partners… From Simpleview…

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‘We Can’t Ignore the Science’

Earlier this year, PCMA announced a collaboration with the American Geophysical Union to further its action on climate change at events. Shawna McKinley, AMI expert contributor, asks Lauren Parr, Senior Vice President of Meetings and Learning at AGU how the union approaches this intention at its own events. From Association Meetings International…

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Seven New Deals and the Effects on Big Ticket M&A

Steve Monnington of Mayfield Merger Strategies reports the most recent transactions and analyses the M&A news. As well as several deals announced, there have been two important pieces of news which could impact big ticket M&A. There were also seven transactions announced which brings the total for 2023 to 13… From Exhibition News…

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A Tale of Two Governors

International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk believes that people have a greater impact on outcomes than processes, regardless of the governance model. However, the potential harm caused by a single “bad governor” with significant influence over the association’s decision-making is often neglected in discussions of this topic… From Boardroom Global…

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A Congress is a Kind of Affirmation

Zhanna Kovalchuk, Executive Director of the European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy, talks to AMI about the importance of knowing how, dealing with ‘confident’ men, and what the future holds for associations. Interview by James Lancaster, from Association Meetings International…

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Taking The Lead on Destinations’ Social and Economic Development

Events have the power to build inclusive communities and better places to live, highlighting the extent to which meetings and conferences can contribute to a destination’s societal impact. This was one theme explored in a webinar hosted by GDS-Index, a sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for destinations around the world. From Meetings & Conventions Asia…

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The Complexities of EDI in a Global Context

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and belonging, all terms that have become part of our everyday lives as association executives. We know we need to do more. We know we have responsibilities. But how do we frame our actions unless we reflect on our privileges, biases and assumptions, as individuals and as associations? From Boardroom Global…

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A Future Vision for Trade Shows

Despite evidence that attendees today have different priorities, business events have largely returned to the same formats as before the Covid pandemic. As organizers look to adapt to a new reality, industry leaders share their thoughts on the trade shows of the future. From Skift Meetings…

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The Unspoken Secret to Good Governance

International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk argues that people rather than processes have by far the greatest impact on outcomes. Books, articles, case studies and panel discussions on this topic almost never examine the destructive potential of a single “bad governor” with influence over the association’s levers of power. From Boardroom Global…

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