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Grit: The Art of Never Giving Up

From Meetings International, by Roger Kellerman: Grit is a character trait that combines perserverance, inner drive and the ability not to give up in the face of adversity. It is a crucial factor in achieving success both at school and in professional lift. Grit can also be developed and reinforced by ourselves and through support…

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The Joy of a Promiscuous Partnership Philosophy

Global Association Hubs’ International Advisor Martin Sirk argues that associations would benefit from a more uninhibited and broadminded approach to their strategic relationships: Of all the conference formats I’ve facilitated, none is more eye-opening and intellectually humbling than a “wisdom of crowds” workshop. The collective knowledge of a group of competent professionals… From Boardroom…

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Is Carbon Passporting Inevitable?

From The Conversation, by Ross Bennett-Cook: The summer of 2023 has been very significant for the travel industry. By the end of July, international tourist arrivals globally reached 84% of pre-pandemic levels. In some European countries, such as France, Denmark and Ireland, tourism demand even surpassed its pre-pandemic level. This may be great news economically,…

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Advocating for Sustainability

From the Meeting Professional: Natasha Richards, a longtime advocacy leader and director of impact and industry relations for the IMEX Group, admits that when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility, the events sector is often seen as more of a problem than a solution. “We really have an identity crisis—where do we fit in…

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Essential, Absolutely Necessary, and Very Important, Part 2

From Destinations International, by Jack Johnson: Back in January, I wrote a blog post titled “Essential, Absolutely Necessary, and Very Important, Part 1.” This is the promised sequel. In the first blog I referenced an article in Wired Magazine titled “Humans Walk Weird. Scientists May Finally Know Why.” which pointed out that humans have an…

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Skift Take | Transparent and Authentic Leadership

From Skift Meetings: Jaimé Bennett leads PCMA’s ambitious growth strategy in Europe with her distinctive style of transparent and genuine leadership. She is dedicated to organizing impactful events that foster safe and inclusive environments, fearlessly addressing significant industry challenges such as talent and consolidation. Jaimé Bennett is the managing director of EMEA at PCMA and…

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Mike Williams: Unlocking the Future of Business Events

Mike Williams, Senior Consultant & Partner at GainingEdge and AIME Ambassador, talks to AIME about current industry challenges and trends, engaging with the next generation of delegates through immersive experiences and new technologies, partnering with Government entities with shared economic goals, and creating legacy programs, and tracking and evaluating their economic and social outcomes…

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Kai Hattendorf on the UFI Global Congress in Las Vegas

In this episode of The EXHIBITOR Now Podcast, Tommy Goodwin (Exhibition & Conferences Alliance) chats with Kai Hattendorf, Managing Director / CEO at UFI, about UFI’s advocacy work in the US and around the world, and Kai shares some insights into the upcoming Global Congress in Las Vegas in early November. Co-Hosts, Mark Johnson and…

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Unveiling the Innovation Powerhouse of Tech Central

From Boardroom, by Vicky Koffa: Conferences are conduits of knowledge and innovation when met with a solid ecosystem of academia and business. Sydney, with its dynamic fusion of talent, cutting-edge tech facilities, and stunning natural surroundings, has emerged as the ideal destination for hosting global tech and innovation-focused events. At the heart of Sydney’s tech…

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Focus on Sustainability Helped an Association Find its Global Place

From Boardoom / Associations Now: A glance at the headlines these days makes it clear—if it hadn’t been already—just how much we’re connected globally. Many associations that often think of themselves as concerned only with activities in the United States have had to contend with global conflicts and international supply-chain issues that affect their members’…

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Lisa Hannant on Female Empowerment, Speaking Up & Being Authentic

From Exhibit News Now: It’s a familiar story within the events industry: Like many trade show professionals, Lisa Hannant fell into the industry by chance, realized she loved it and never looked back. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, only that I didn’t want to go into the city and finance, which is…

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Five Ways to Make Your Next Event Carbon Neutral

From MPI, by Virginie de Visscher: More than ever before, environmental, social and economic sustainability is a top priority for leaders across a range of industries, especially when it comes to holding business events. Organizing an event is no small feat. It is a complex task that requires meticulous planning, coordination and execution. Adding sustainability…

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CEREZALES: Associations Must Adopt Business Model Platforms

Speaking from Luxembourg at the AIPC annual conference, the Iceberg Ambassador and Global Executive Vice President of MCI, Oscar Cerezales, picks up the thread of Skift editor Angela Doyle’s recent post titled ‘Consolidation on the Horizon for Meetings Industry Associations’ insisting that the alphabet soup of association interests needs recalibration. But it doesn’t stop there….

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The Unbroken Spirit Runs Deep in Lviv

By Jane Vong Holmes, featured in Meetings International: Lviv’s business events community in Ukraine transforms challenges into solutions amidst war’s impact. Humanitarian hubs, charitable initiatives, and innovation mark their response. Noteworthy are hotels turned shelters, IT companies aiding modernisation, and Lviv’s commitment to building connections. Winning titles like European Youth Capital 2025 and hosting international…

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The Nexus of Destinations and Associations

By Matty Rubenstein, featured in Meetings International: Two deeply interwoven industries have both seen unprecedented change to their business imperatives in the last decade. Yesterday’s cities would compete for conferences as tourist destinations, a boon for hotels, convention centres and entertainment. Today, municipalities see mass-tourism as the key to health, social and economic development. At…

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What Comes When the Global Carbon Budget Is Gone?

From the International Society of Sustainability Professionals: At the present level of GHG emissions, it is clear that emission reductions alone will be insufficient to achieve the Paris Agreement aspirational target of restricting average global surface temperature increase to 1.5°C by the end of the century. As well, emission reductions alone will be insufficient to…

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