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‘It’s time to make an Impact!’ IMEX launches new Talking Point

From IMEX: Ahead of IMEX Frankfurt in May, the IMEX Group has announced its new ‘Talking Point’ for 2024 and 2025 – Impact. The company’s annual Talking Point forms a focal point for the year ahead, anchoring IMEX show content, research and storytelling as well as providing a topic for exhibitors and attendees alike to…

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There’s both I’M and ACT in Impact

Ever since we introduced our annual Talking Point, which acts as a single, cohesive theme for our two market-leading trade shows, we’ve gleaned huge satisfaction from exploring and planning the impact we could make with it each year. Previous Talking Points included Legacy, Imagination, Nature and Human Nature. This year, having lived through so much…

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Diversity Now! The Boycott Question

Rory Archibald, founder of New Intent, reveals why boycotts are sometimes the only way to remain true to your DEI values: Values are something that consciously or unconsciously direct all our lives. They influence our decisions, where we shop, who we travel with, who we are friends with, and who we work for. The corporate…

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How to Awaken Your Inner Child and Find Creativity

On the second day of IBTM World 2023, Gorazd Cad and Jan Orsic were joined by Christine Renaud, the CEO and co-founder of e180, a B-Corporation founded in Montreal in 2011, whose mission is to reinvent how humans learn around the world. Her brainchild – Braindate – has over a million users and has been…

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IMEX America Demonstrates the Returning Power of Face to Face

From Conference & Meetings World: The 12th edition of IMEX America came to a close in Las Vegas, 19 October, marking the biggest show ever. Organisers say there were almost 15,000 confirmed participants on the show floor at Mandalay Bay, of which over 5,000 were buyers (including 4,000+ hosted buyers). The show confirmed the fast,…

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