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27 October 2021

ECM 8th TIC Expert Meeting 2021, Girona, Spain

European Cities Marketing, through its TIC Knowledge Group, organises every year an Expert Meeting for Tourist Information Centres managers and staff exclusively, whether they are ECM members or not. This event will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues working in Tourist Information Centres all across Europe, to share knowledge and best…

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3 June 2021

ECM 10th City Cards Expert Meeting 2021, Genoa, Italy

This event is open to ECM members only, specifically to tourism professionals working on city cards schemes (Product Managers, Project Leaders, Marketing Managers) who are looking to improve, but also share, their knowledge with other participants. Our broad approach will include presentations and discussions on latest product developments, successful partnerships, innovating marketing strategies and much…

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2 September 2021

BestCities Global Forum 2021, Madrid, Spain

The Global Forum is the ideal opportunity for decision-makers considering hosting an event in a BestCities’ destination, to meet all the partner cities and meeting planners in one stunning location. Participating associations will return home with a tangible tool to use in the formation of future strategies for their associations. The tool can after Global…

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25 January 2021

ASAE | Exceptional Boards: Strengthening the Governance Team

This virtual edition of Exceptional Boards is an online workshop for CEOs and elected officers. Delivered live and highly interactive with plenty of time to process what your team is learning, the program fosters effective governance and optimizes the entire board as a cohesive unit through best practices in board organization, structure, and operations. Discover…

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21 January 2021

ASAE | Content Curation 101: Creating Meaningful Member Relationships

Explore how you can keep your members engaged with relevant, personalized content. Through the power of artificial intelligence, a different newsletter could be effortlessly created and sent to each individual based on their unique reading habits. In this webinar you will learn the tools, methods, and best practices for curating outside news sources in order…

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14 January 2021

ASAE | Retirement Plan Fees – How They Impact Your Association&...

Many employers are unaware of the responsibilities required of them and the related risks involved in managing their retirement plans. With ERISA litigation increasing around excessive 401(k) fees, our Ask the 401(k) Professionals Webinar Series is designed to educate plan sponsors on their duties, how to manage them and how this can impact both the association’s bottom…

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11 January 2021

ASAE | CEO Symposium – Virtual Edition

The CEO Symposium provides a unique opportunity for you and your volunteer leader to maximize the leadership partnership. Explore how you can best work together to effectively carry out your association’s mission and enhance future success. The expert faculty from Tecker International, LLC, will help you and your leadership partner come to a common understanding…

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15 December 2020

ASAE | Aligning Norms, Core Values & Codes of Conduct: A CEO...

Good governance prescribes that board members uphold their Duty of Obedience. Acting in a manner consistent with the association’s code of conduct is an essential requirement of that responsibility, however current times have put that obligation to the test. Join this CEO dialogue to hear insights from CEOs and industry experts on how they are…

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7 January 2021

ASAE Young Professionals: Emotional Intelligence for Workplace...

This session will provide an overview of the four components of emotional intelligence, framed by the foundational psychological theories. Attendees will learn the importance of EI in the workplace, how to foster the key EI behaviors in themselves and others, how to use EI to be effective at work, and other key tips. This interactive…

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7 December 2020

ASAE Spotlight Session: Activate Your Organization’s Data

Join us for this special ASAE Business Solutions spotlight session focused on new integration software brought to you by HighRoad Solutions, provider of the ASAE-Endorsed Digital Marketing Solution. See firsthand how Spark can help make journey-based, goal-tied marketing and communications possible and put the power of your data into your marketers’ hands. In this spotlight session,…

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24 January 2021

UFI Exhibition Management School, Online

Delivered by a faculty of industry experts, the UFI-EMS will combine both global insights and regional expertise – following the clearly articulated need for education that adapts a global curriculum to the specific regional and local needs. The curriculum was developed jointly with the UFI community, making it a programme designed by exhibition organisers for exhibition organisers.

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7 December 2020

ICCA Global Virtual Business Exchange

ICCA takes pride in maintaining a proactive stance to ensure members are ready for the post-pandemic situation, by enhancing member value and demonstrating leadership by helping you to continue to act in a marketing oriented manner.  Bring leads – current, future, or past (provided the meeting did not take place more than 2 years go)….

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8 June 2021

IBTM Asia Pacific, Singapore

IBTM Asia Pacific is the leading event for the meetings and events industry in the region bringing together a high calibre group of international, APAC regional and local meeting planners and exhibitors for two days of pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings, education and networking. The event is under-pinned by IBTM’s sophisticated, industry-leading Hosted Buyer programme which…

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12 October 2020


The interactive coral reef that is home to PlanetIMEX, October edition, is open for exploration and engagement all week long. It is founded on the principles of nurturing community, encouraging connections and sparking creativity and business innovation in the face of industry challenges. Professional development and scheduled sessions go live at 2pm London time on…

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ECM COVID-19 Resource Centre | A New Tomorrow

ECM wants to continue to empower the conversation during this unprecedented situation with a new initiative, “A New Tomorrow”.  The purpose is to share ideas and challenges, find inspiration in new practice and different approaches, and envision together with all of our members, a new future of destinations rebuilt and conventions reimagined to meet new…

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18 September 2020

UFI Connects | The start of the European recovery?

Building confidence & inspiring trust in frightened customers: We are very happy to see the return of exhibitions in a growing number of European countries – with more opening their doors in September and October. Research shows that exhibitors and visitors are keen to return to the show floor to reconnect and to rebuild their…

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8 December 2020

ASAE | Virtual Technology Exploration Conference 2020

Immerse yourself in new, interactive opportunities designed to help move your organization forward at this year’s revitalized Technology Exploration Conference. Get real-world experience in our new, hands-on tech training seminar and attend a series of learning sessions and demos from the best in the industry. Discover how the latest technology can drive your organization to…

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2 December 2020

ASAE | Young Professionals Leadership Development Series: Crucial...

We create the world we want to live and operate in with the words we use and hear. This is especially true in the workplace. In this session, we’re going to learn: how to become aware of our own impact and influence on those around us; how to design crucial conversations—which can include performance reviews,…

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10 November 2020

ASAE | Join the Membership Revolution Online Seminar Series

The recent COVID-19 pandemic produced shifts in member behavior and drove membership models to evolve. Due to the pandemic, many successful associations are moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to varied membership options and more individualized engagement opportunities to embrace the “new normal” in a post COVID world. This online seminar series will offer insights into…

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6 November 2020

ASAE | Young Professionals Leadership Development Series: Values Based...

It really is possible to add immense value through values. This interactive session explores values-based leadership through two effective (and free) assessments. Through the lens of the VIA and SCARF assessments—and other best practices that we will discuss together—participants will: discover their most cherished values or character strengths; xplore how to leverage those values to amplify professional impact; keep…

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5 November 2020

ASAE | The Bottom Line: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

The Bottom Line is designed for non-financially-oriented individuals, employees with new budgeting responsibilities, or people who are just looking to broaden their scope of knowledge. You’ll learn or review the basics of financial information—the key terms and concepts that even former humanities majors need to understand in order to succeed in thriving organizations. By the end…

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