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16 October 2024

CityDNA Autumn Conference, Bruges, Belgium

The CityDNA Autumn Conference will provide destination professionals working for Tourist Boards, CVBs & DMOs with a unique occasion to meet and network with colleagues from Europe and beyond, while learning and sharing knowledge and insights on the latest trends and challenges or urban tourism in Europe. The CityDNA conference will showcase a diverse range…

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15 October 2024

GDS-Forum, Bruges, Belgium

Change is happening faster and greater than expected. Climate, cities, the workplace, artificial intelligence, and visitor numbers are changing exponentially. So how do we go from doom to boom? How can we harness the potential of the social and technological transformation happening around us to regenerate our cities, communities, and natural habitats, and become more…

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7 March 2024

Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management, Online

In this course, you will be taken on a 4-month journey to explore and develop a new mindset leveraging the latest in regenerative systems thinking. You will investigate and learn about new regenerative business models, destination stewardship approaches and stakeholder engagement methodologies that enable DMOs to catalyse investment, generate jobs, develop knowledge, equitably distribute prosperity,…

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18 June 2024

TEAMS Europe, London, UK

Step into the exciting world of sports with TEAMS Europe! Presented by SportsTravel, the event is part of the renowned TEAMS brand, which has been shaping and defining the sports-event industry for over 20 years. Join sporting-event rights holders, destinations and suppliers for an exclusive opportunity to network, share insights, and learn about the latest…

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28 April 2024

Incentive Live, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Incentive Live offers a compelling agenda that makes this event a must-attend for industry professionals. In addition to one-on-one appointments with top incentive destinations, hotels/resorts, cruise lines, DMCs, DMOs, merchandise and technology providers, gift cards, and tourism offices, Incentive Live presents leading industry experts providing the latest perspective on industry trends and best practices that…

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11 March 2024

SMU International, New York City

Attendees will learn from industry experts, make invaluable business connections, and experience unforgettable activities at New York City’s iconic landmarks. This unique event is hosted by Northstar Meetings Group’s leading brands – Successful Meetings, Meetings & Conventions, and Incentive Magazine. Learn from, and be inspired by, our guest speakers who will provide targeted education specific…

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25 November 2024

AIPC Operational Excellence Summit, Barcelona, Spain

The AIPC Facility Operations Summit provides an engaging forum for discussing the issues and opportunities faced by convention centers in times of changing requirements, digitation and sustainability. Amongst the areas to be explored will be risk and crowd management, security and cybersecurity, changing tech requirements, responding to new event formats and the renewed importance of…

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30 June 2024

AIPC Annual Conference 2024, Costa Rica

This year’s conference is themed Next Gen Venues: The Power of Collaboration. Our aim is to delve into the evolution of conference venues, focusing on creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) that is instrumental in attracting delegates. We’re dedicated to exploring innovations across the entire event value chain – not just in…

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20 October 2024

AIPC Canadian Academy, Toronto

Attracting, retaining, and growing talent is a global challenge for our industry, not only in Canada but worldwide. One way of addressing this challenge is providing the upcoming leaders of convention centres with unique professional education, focusing on their specific needs. That is why Convention Centres of Canada and AIPC decided to co-create a Canadian…

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5 March 2024

AIPC ASIA Summit, Shenzhen, China

This summit brings together convention center leaders from across Asia to connect, share knowledge, and tackle key challenges. The program covers rapidly evolving technology, changing market landscapes, sustainability, and more. Attendees will benefit from lectures, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. The summit aims to encourage excellence in convention center management, exchange knowledge and strengthen the…

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20 February 2024

Feeling the Pulse Webinar | Unveiling the New GDS-Index Criteria

Join us as we reveal GDS-Movement updates and get ready for the unveiling of the new 2024 GDS-Index Criteria, featuring refined benchmarking indicators aligned with industry standards and cutting-edge approaches for capacity management and performance impact analysis. Be prepared to dive into the outcomes of the 2023 GDS-Forum and explore the ’10 Ideas’ that emerged,…

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14 February 2024

Feeling the Pulse Webinar | Unveiling the New GDS-Index Criteria

Join us as we reveal GDS-Movement updates and get ready for the unveiling of the new 2024 GDS-Index Criteria, featuring refined benchmarking indicators aligned with industry standards and cutting-edge approaches for capacity management and performance impact analysis. Be prepared to dive into the outcomes of the 2023 GDS-Forum and explore the ’10 Ideas’ that emerged,…

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31 January 2024

The Complete Sustainable Events Course, Online

The Complete Sustainable Events Course is a 6-week online course designed to support you on your journey to become an expert in delivering sustainable events. Whether you’re an event planner or a supplier to the industry, have already started your sustainability journey or it’s completely new to you, the course gives you advanced learning –…

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6 February 2024

Reimagining the Future of the Healthcare Association, Illinois

The 2nd Annual Reimagining the Future of the Healthcare Association provides a data-driven, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary environment for healthcare association CEOs, their senior management teams, and critical healthcare volunteer leaders to discuss how healthcare associations must adapt to succeed. Modern healthcare associations are no longer limited to traditional research, education, or advocacy roles. Innovative healthcare…

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17 April 2024

EU Dialogue: Driving Positive Change in the Meetings Industry

Join us for this event and be part of the dialogue between the Meetings Industry and European policymakers to achieve a positive impact for society and destinations. The EU Dialogue offers the opportunity to highlight the key roles, impacts and challenges of the Meetings Industry in Europe and debate about the changes and transition that…

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18 January 2024

ICCA / Destination Canada Sustainability Report Webinar

Discover the valuable insights, trends and best practices that will help our industry drive a more sustainable future, and bring positive change to the communities and business we work with. This could make a profound and genuine difference to the way we all do business. Registration is required, so please secure your place today.

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30 September 2024

Convening EMEA 2024, Barcelona, Spain

Convening EMEA is PCMA EMEA’s annual flagship event bringing together the global business events industry for an immersive 3-day programme in Europe. The event attracts 500+ business event leaders from over 40 countries to challenge each other and develop ways to move forward together. It is the platform to share knowledge, make meaningful connections, learn,…

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21 April 2024

AIPC Academy 2024, Brussels, Belgium

The AIPC Academy is the only comprehensive professional development program specifically serving the needs of international convention centre managers! Designed to address the critical need for centres to maintain fully qualified staff in a highly competitive industry, the AIPC Academy provides a targeted, cost effective form of training and development along with the means to…

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24 June 2024

UFI-Exhibition Management School (Jun-Jul 2024), Online

UFI and MBB-Consulting Group (MBB) are working to provide this industry education programme for exhibition organisers: the UFI-Exhibition Management School (UFI-EMS). The curriculum was developed jointly with the UFI community, making it a programme designed by exhibition organisers for exhibition organisers. Target Group: Mid to Senior representatives from Exhibition Organising Companies; Language: English; Format: Online…

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15 December 2023

How To Ace the Discovery Phase of Event Design, Online

You’ve started working on a new event, with new clients or stakeholders and you’re starting from scratch – how do you go from square one to designing a plan for your event to meet all of the strategic objectives? In the design and discovery phase, we ask A LOT of questions! Though we are the…

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13 May 2024

CVB Café 2024, Frankfurt, Germany

At the occasion of IMEX Frankfurt, the CityDNA Meetings Industry Knowledge Group would like to invite you and your colleagues from the Convention Bureau to attend a session specifically curated to exchange and discuss current challenges amongst peers, before a networking reception. This CVB Café will take place on Monday, May 13, 2024 in Frankfurt.

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