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25 August 2022

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Series, Online

Companies are a microcosm of the social and cultural world in which they exist. True change involves a strategic plan to dismantle structural racism and bring all destinations to the ideal version of themselves. Destinations International has partnered with The Ladipo Group to expand its equity, diversity and inclusion programming to support these efforts with…

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1 September 2022

2022 GDS-ICCA-CityDNA Certificate in Regenerative Destination...

Learn how to manage destinations through regenerative business models, destination stewardship approaches, and stakeholder engagement methodologies. We are all under pressure: visitor economies, their host communities, the earth, and the vulnerable. We need a new approach to recover, flourish, and thrive. In this course, you will be taken on a 4-month journey to explore and…

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29 June 2022

Destinations International Webinar | Understanding the Post-Pandemic...

For the first time in almost three years, a post-pandemic life is beginning to feel within reach. Despite a new variant brewing, record-high gas prices and rising inflation, the world seems ready to put the pandemic in their rearview mirror. But everything we know about the traveler mindset has changed. Travelers are ready to go….

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13 July 2022

Destinations International Webinar | Stay the Course: Using Your CRM...

Destination Strategic Planning — we’ve all been there at some point. Meeting with stakeholders, sifting through data, compiling reports, to ultimately end up with a fantastic plan for your destination…that fizzles out in a year. We have figured out how to help you stay the course and keep your plan off the shelf. Join us…

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22 June 2022

Destinations International Webinar | Are You Concerned About Violent...

The causes and solutions of violent crime are many and not always easy to deduce, and it is fair to say that both the causes and traditional solutions fall outside of a destination organization’s wheelhouse. This is clearly not an area where destination organizations should be expected to play a leading role. We will leave…

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Destinations International | PDM Certificate Program, Online

The Professional in Destination Management (PDM) certificate program provides those new to the destination organization side of the industry (less than one year of experience) with cutting-edge education, offering entry-level personnel the critical skills and knowledge necessary to start their careers in the travel and tourism industry. The updated PDM certificate program is now online, available…

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26 October 2022

Destinations International | Advocacy Summit, Bloomington, MN, USA

Destination organizations are destined to continuously face periodic political attacks, unstable budget resources and potential failure unless they turn and focus on their ultimate customers – their residents. We believe that destination organizations must become a community shared value in order for the industry to move forward. It is time to stop being in a defensive…

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19 July 2022

Destinations International | Annual Convention 2022, Toronto, Canada

Destinations International’s Annual Convention provides an opportunity to connect peers and thought leaders from inside and outside the industry; an integrated approach to learning regardless of your budget size or discipline focus; relationship-based exchanges among industry providers and destination organizations; diversity of thought by assembling the best minds in local insight and global expertise.

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23 October 2022

Destinations International | CDME Fall Courses, Bloomington, MN, USA

The Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) program prepares senior executives, who want to advance their careers to blend theory with experience and application of knowledge to help industry leaders thrive in a constantly changing environment. The program focus is on vision, leadership, productivity and implementing business strategies.

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