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17 November 2022

Webinar | Collaboration Not Cancellation: Working Together to Create...

With the ever-shifting political climate and most recently the overturing of Roe V Wade, many meeting and event strategists have found themselves in a complicated situation where they are tasked with balancing their organization’s business decisions and values. Though boycotts have a long and complicated history in our culture, travel boycotts have proven to not…

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16 November 2022

Webinar | Transform Your Community Into Allies

Advocacy will always be a critical component of a destination organization’s DNA, whether you’re fighting legislation, funding, championing new development, or defending your existence. To provide destinations with relevant and actionable insights, Destinations International and Tourism Economics are working together to deliver high-frequency analyses of relevant metrics for your community within the SYMPHONY market intelligence…

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25 August 2022

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Series, Online

Companies are a microcosm of the social and cultural world in which they exist. True change involves a strategic plan to dismantle structural racism and bring all destinations to the ideal version of themselves. Destinations International has partnered with The Ladipo Group to expand its equity, diversity and inclusion programming to support these efforts with…

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1 September 2022

2022 GDS-ICCA-CityDNA Certificate in Regenerative Destination...

Learn how to manage destinations through regenerative business models, destination stewardship approaches, and stakeholder engagement methodologies. We are all under pressure: visitor economies, their host communities, the earth, and the vulnerable. We need a new approach to recover, flourish, and thrive. In this course, you will be taken on a 4-month journey to explore and…

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29 June 2022

Destinations International Webinar | Understanding the Post-Pandemic...

For the first time in almost three years, a post-pandemic life is beginning to feel within reach. Despite a new variant brewing, record-high gas prices and rising inflation, the world seems ready to put the pandemic in their rearview mirror. But everything we know about the traveler mindset has changed. Travelers are ready to go….

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