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Women at the Helm: Amy Calvert, President & CEO, Events Industry...

From TSNN: Ask Amy Calvert about her path to the C-suite, and she will share a common thread that has persisted throughout her professional journey: a steadfast love and respect for the human connections that business events can foster. Calvert started her career in the hospitality sector, gaining experience working for the InterContinental Hotels Group…

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Five Questions with Ong Wee Min, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

From TTG Asia Media: Event sustainability has become a major point of interest among event organisers and owners, with many approaching venue partners with their own stringent checklist, observes Ong Wee Min, vice president of sales and MICE with Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. With this advancement in attitudes towards sustainable and responsible events, venue…

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How Conferences Are Failing Their Attendees… and Speakers

By Rafat Ali, CEO/Founder, Skift: My life has been creating, building, covering (editorially), speaking and attending industry conferences for the better part of two decades now, as part of the two companies I have built. And this has always bothered me: how little thought goes into on-stage programming, into the in-room attendee experience, into the…

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My Vision for a Sustainable Business Events Industry

By Virginie De Visscher, Executive Director, Business Events | Destination Canada: Five years from now, the meeting industry has made notable strides towards sustainability, navigating a landscape shaped by both challenges and opportunities. Spurred by both government regulations and technological advancements, government regulations mandating stringent environmental standards have catalyzed a movement within the industry, driving…

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Julia Swanson: Prevention is Better than Cure

From the BestCities Global Forum, hosted in January by Melbourne, its Convention Bureau Chief Executive, Julia Swanson, reflects on the values alignment now being demanded by future members of professional societies and associations. Cultural alignment, a sense of purpose, and creating long lasting community impacts are top of mind for the next generation, she says….

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THE POLLINATOR – Belinda Moore and Associations

From the BestCities Global Forum in Melbourne earlier this year, Strategic Membership Solutions’ owner, Belinda Moore, was perhaps the pick of the speakers on view. Covering 9 challenges that keep association executives awake at night, the editor of Associations Evolve shares her insights with The Iceberg.  Destinations that embrace the association challenges will succeed…

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The Meetings and Events Industry Needs a New ‘Licence to Operate’

From IMEX: A conversation with Prof Greg Clark CBE FAcSS, global advisor, scholar and writer is always fascinating and insightful. Above all, he offers – indeed provokes – a fresh perspective backed by extensive experience. This taster of the session he’ll be delivering at IMEX Frankfurt this year, invites you to turn away from the…

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Your Events Are Leaking Value: AI is the Plug

By Veemal Gungadin, CEO of Gevme | Tech Entrepreneur: As event professionals, you pour your hearts and souls into crafting unforgettable experiences. You curate engaging speakers, design thought-provoking workshops, and foster a dynamic environment for idea exchange. But here’s a sobering truth: the magic often fades as quickly as the last attendee leaves. Hours of…

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What’s Keeping Women out of the Business Events C-Suite?

From PCMA: Women make up 70 percent of the global events industry workforce yet hold only 16 percent of the top management positions, according to a new research report. We talked to Business Events Sydney CEO Lyn Lewis- Smith, who spearheaded the report with the PCMA Foundation, about what can — and should — be…

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Are Carbon Removed Events the Future?

From Access All Areas, by Christopher Barrett: The Event Production Show conference saw key stakeholders in the world’s first carbon removed arena shows reveal the work involved in the project, how removal compares to reduction and offsetting, and why it could become an essential approach for the live events industry. A partnership between AEG Europe,…

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Australia and the Future Cities Agenda

From Property Council of Australia, by Prof. Greg Clark: To set the scene to next week’s Future Cities Summit, world renowned urbanist Greg Clark has penned an essay addressing the core issues on the Summit agenda: This future cities agenda does not just imagine a world of hyper competition between 10,000 cities. It also anticipates…

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Conferli the Podcast | Featuring VisitBritain’s Laura Caprioli

Join us for our season premiere as we welcome Laura Caprioli, Growth & Stakeholder Manager at VisitBritain. Laura returns to delve deeper into the groundbreaking legacy toolkit, a must-know for partner destinations. If you missed Season 1, catch up on Episode 7! In this episode, Laura gives us a crash course on the legacy toolkit…

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Collaboration at the Forefront of Scientific Progress

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Great discoveries – the ones that alter the course of human history – rarely happen with the sudden “Eureka!” moment you see in the movies: a lone inventor’s sudden flash of genius, giving birth to a fully formed breakthrough no one has ever thought of before. In the real world,…

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Shaping Future Legacies with Gerda Marie Rist

In an interview with Boardroom, Gerda Marie Rist, the Lead of Copenhagen Legacy Lab, shares her unique journey and the innovative work being done at the Lab. With a rich background in pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, and roles within the healthcare and life science industries, Gerda Marie discusses how the Legacy Lab leverages strategic conference planning…

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What the Oscars Can Teach Us About How Words & Actions Matter

From Destinations International, by Jack Johnson: Every year, the Academy Awards airs in late winter (this year, it is March 10). For non-movie lovers, this is the annual event held by the United States-based Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to present its Academy Awards of Merit, better known as the Oscars. The awards…

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Martin Sirk and the Crystal Ball

If associations don’t adapt, then they’ll be at the mercy of competitive forces claims Martin Sirk speaking from the IBTM World Association Leaders Forum hosted by the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE). The intellectual source-code to The Iceberg and owner of Sirk Serendipity is the international advisor to the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP)…

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