TECH CENTRAL, SYDNEY: How Business Events Drive Deep Tech

Sally-Ann Williams FTSE leads the charge in Australia’s deep tech revolution as CEO of Cicada Innovations, an incubator nurturing visionary innovators tackling global challenges through science and engineering. From MedTech to Clean Energy, Cicada has empowered hundreds to bring high-impact technologies to the world. The Iceberg joins Williams to understand the collision spaces and ecosystem she has facilitated in the heart of Sydney’s Tech Central district, the drivers behind the creation of successful businesses developing solutions to problems that have frustrated their founders and their families in everyday life, and how business events are an ongoing tool to connect and accelerate Sydney’s reputation as an intellectual capital in deep tech development.

Williams: “I don’t care if they’re a unicorn or not… I care about whether they they’re a viable business that brings something to market that solves the problem they’re trying to solve.”


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