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ICC Sydney: Feeding Your Performance and Local Economy

ICC Sydney’s Feeding Your Performance initiative is already an Iceberg JMIC Case Study. Now a first year report from the University of Technology Sydney shows it has to date delivered AU$8.3 million to the NSW economy. More than AU$4.3 million has been spent with over 85 local producers and farmers. From CIM News Magazine…

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Gothenburg: A Big-time City for Big Events

Seasoned meetings industry veterans always take pleasure in discovering any destination unfairly overlooked. For one Iceberg partner a new find is the Swedish seaport of Gothenburg. Hotel Svenska Massan / Gothia Towers recently held a centenary event for customers from all over Europe “that combined intelligence with stardust”. From editor’s blog at…

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31 July 2018

MPI: Immigrant Workers in Hospitality & Service Organizations,...

about 20 percent to 30 percent of hospitality and service industry workers are immigrants. As the Trump Administration moves to reduce immigration, explore the potential impact on the hospitality and service industry with legal experts from employment law firm Campbell Litigation. Learn legal options for immigrants to continue working in the hospitality and service industry;…

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26 June 2018

OSHA in Hospitality and Service Organizations, Webinar

Hospitality and service industry workers have a right to a safe workplace. What does this mean? Join legal experts from employment law firm Campbell Litigation and explore key concepts of a safe workplace in the hospitality and service industry, including most common violations and guidance for limiting liability. Learn key principles of a safe workplace…

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8 May 2018

Sexual Harassment in Hospitality and Service Organizations, Webinar

This webinar will explore sexual harassment claims in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Women make up a majority of the employees in hospitality and service organizations. The nature of their work contemplates the close involvement of guests/attendees with the goal of satisfying and/or exceeding guest/attendee expectations. Join legal experts from employment law firm Campbell Litigation and…

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MPI Launches Planners’ Group After Commission Cuts

Iceberg Partner Meeting Professionals International has developed a new special interest group for small business owners in response to the recent North America reductions in third party commissions. President and CEO Paul Van Deventer says around 3,000 third party meeting planners and small business owners are part of the MPI global community. From…

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US Independent Planners React to Hilton Commission Cut

The decision of Marriott International to reduce group-intermediary commission rates has already made a major impact on the North American independent planners, many of whom have business models built entirely around commission. Now Hilton is doing the same. What will this mean for both the planners and the wider industry? Photo: Daderot. From Meetings & Conventions…

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US Independent Planners Now Brace for Hilton Commission Cut

Two months after Marriott International’s announcement that it is reducing North American group-intermediary commission rates from ten to seven percent, Hilton has said it will make the same rate drop in October. The changes are likely substantially to reshape both the US and Canada’s independent planner sectors. From Meetings & Conventions…

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The HBAA Meetings Barometer 2017

“2017 was a good year for UK meetings industry sales growth” reports Louise Goalen, Chair of HBAA, as the HBAA Meetings Barometer results for 2017 are revealed. The average spend per meeting and average spend per delegate in the UK both grew significantly year on year in 2017, despite a slight decline in the average…

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Marriott Commission Cut: Independent Planners React

Marriott International is cutting to seven percent the standard ten percent commission paid to group intermediaries in the US and Canada. The move prompted fierce reaction from the industry, much collated above in News. But Iceberg partner Northstar has also filmed video interviews with organisers at its Independent Planner Education Conference. From Meetings & Conventions…

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