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The General Denial of Data Protection Requirement

The imminent sledgehammer of the EU’s General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) has been in the air for some time now. But does the extent to which companies have been ignoring their soon-to-be regulatory responsibilities mean that we should in fact be calling it GDDPR: the General Denial of Data Protection Requirement? From Meetings & Conventions…

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QEII Centre Can Still be Saved, Says BVEP

The Business Visits and Events Partnership has welcomed a decision to review the impact on the QEII Centre of a vote by the House of Lords to leave the Palace of Westminster during a six year renovation. Many Lords expressed concern over central London’s largest conference venue being temporarily chosen to host the upper chamber. From…

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Visit Florida’s Budget Battles Resume

Less than a year after the last Visit Florida budget battles, the fighting for funding is again underway. Governor Rick Scott (pictured) has called for a $100 million budget, while the House of Representatives wants to keep the current $76 million and the Senate wants to cut it to $50 million. From Meetings & Conventions…

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MPs “Have Not Recognised” QEII Centre Contribution

MPs have not considered the loss of income to London of the QEII Centre being out of action for six years. That’s according to the chair of the Events Industry Board Nick de Bois. MPs have just voted for a refurbishment that could see the House of Lords occupy the venue from 2025. From…

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Westminster Bubbles: New Minister Keen to Engage, Says BVEP

New Tourism Minister Michael Ellis is keen to develop a positive agenda for the events industry, says Business Visits and Events Partnership Chair Michael Hirst. As discussed in the last “Westminster Bubbles”, the minister was appointed in the January reshuffle, replacing John Glen and resetting government dialogue with the industry. Photo: Chris McAndrew. From…

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QEII Centre Under Threat for £3.5bn Parliament Refit

The QEII Centre could be out of action for at least six years after MPs voted for Parliament to relocate during its £3.5 billion refurbishment. They voted by 236 to 220 to support works that could see the House of Lords relocated to the venue. The refit could take six years from 2025. From…

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GDPR Non-Compliance Risks Huge Fines, Industry Warned

Organisations that break EU General Data Protection Regulation, which soon comes into force, could face fines of up to €20 million. Competitors can report you, since non-compliance is unfair competition. The warning comes from David Chalmers, Senior Marketing Director of Cvent Europe. GDPR will discussed at a SITE event in London on February 7th. From Association Meetings International…

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CTICC 2 Officially Opens for Events

CTICC 2, the Cape Town International Convention Centre’s R900 million expansion, has officially opened for business. The new facility strengthens Cape Town’s goal of becoming one of the world’s top ten long-haul convention destinations. The city holds 71.4 percent of CTICC shares and invested R550 million in the project, which helped regenerate the inner city. From the Event…

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Manchester Town Hall Closes Until 2024

The 19th century city landmark and event space Manchester Town Hall has closed as part of a £328m refurbishment. The “Our Town Hall” project will take until 2024 to complete. The iconic venue is Grade I listed, 140 years old, and according to a spokesperson for Manchester City Council, “showing its age”. From…

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Westminster Bubbles: A Reshuffle Reset

Two past Opinions (“Westminster Bubbles”) have reported the UK meetings industry’s bridge-building with government. Now Prime Minister Theresa May’s January reshuffle has moved tourism minister John Glen (pictured) over to another post. So the industry will therefore have to start the conversation all over again with his successor. From editor’s blog at…

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US Bars Hundreds of Government Scientists from Conference

Around 450 US Geological Survey researchers typically attend the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union. But ahead of the recent event the Interior Department said no more than 199 could travel to the meeting, and spending could not exceed $399,000. Only 178 attended and 30 abstracts were withdrawn by absent scientists. From Association Meetings International……

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IMEX Politicians Forum Evolves into “Policy Forum”

The IMEX Group has changed the name of its IMEX Politicians Forum to the IMEX Policy Forum, reflecting a shift in focus and participants. Policymakers and government influencers attend the influential meeting as well as politicians. The 2018 forum is during IMEX itself on May 15 at the InterContinental Frankfurt. From Meetings & Conventions…

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