Committee for Sydney Informs Policy at Pre-Election Summit

As Labor and incumbent Liberal politicians including then premier of New South Wales (Australia), Dominic Perrottet, traded policy agendas in front of a packed audience of Sydney leaders ahead of this month’s state elections, The Iceberg enjoys a double-bill with the Committee for Sydney Chair, Deputy Chair, and Sydney’s event sector top brass about the role of events in supporting, shaping, and implementing growth and social policies.

Coming out of the pandemic era has clearly left Australians feeling a mild sense of loneliness articulated in his opening address by the Committee for Sydney Chair, Michael Rose, at its recent Summit hosted at the ICC Sydney. But despite the immediate disrupted past, the city’s peak advocacy and urban policy think tank gathering also oozed a palpable sense of confidence in the city’s future, and particularly the role that business and professional events will play in shaping the Sydney’s knowledge and innovation ecosystems.

Joining Rose to reflect on these emerging ecosystems, and that sense of belief, were ICC Sydney CEO, Geoff Donaghy, and BESydney CEO, Lyn Lewis-Smith.

Committee for Sydney Chair: The Legacy Rests in the Purpose of the Event


At the Committee for Sydney Summit, left brain architect, right brain engineer Professor Deo Prasad, explains how the New South Wales Decarbonisation Innovation Hub he leads is using business events to break the cycle known in scientific circles as the ‘value of death in research’ by connecting innovations beyond the proof of concept to investors and commercial partners. Professor Prasad and Sue Horlin, managing partner of PwC Australia and Deputy Chair of the Committee for Sydney, join Director of Communications at the ICC Sydney, Samantha Glass, in illustrating a co-ordinated, whole of city, approach to unlocking Sydney’s innovation value chain.

Intellectual Circular Economy: Sydney is leveraging events to commercialise its academic innovations


If you want to learn more about the evolution of Sydney and New South Wales under the new Labor administration, you can register for the upcoming Sydney 2050 Summit hosted by the Sydney Morning Herald on 15th May. The event will feature the latest Premier of New South Wales, The Honourable Chris Minns MP.


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