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CityDNA Summer School: Destination Turin

The 36th edition of the CityDNA Summer School was hosted in late August. This year the Iceberg partner educational meeting graduated 43 students from Europe and South Africa. As well as video about the Summer School itself from Turin, Italy, this feature looks at participating medical associations and their meetings, sustainability and also hybrid meetings….

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Business Events Legacy in Daegu, Korea

Legacy after a conference is an organic concept that grows over the years. The Daegu Metropolitan City and Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau have released a report on legacies from five business events, under the title Business Events Legacy in Daegu, Korea. The study starts from the International Solar Cities Congress 2004 (ISCC 2004), which…

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Daegu Releases Event Legacy Study

Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau have released a report on the legacies of five business events, starting with the International Solar Cities Congress 2004, which placed the South Korean city on the world renewable energy map. Research was reviewed by Gary Grimmer, Executive Chair of Iceberg partner GainingEdge. From Boardroom…

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Toulouse: A New Venue for Sustainable Meetings

Toulouse recently joined Iceberg partner the Global Destination Sustainability Index, which measures and benchmarks cities’ green strategy and performance. The opening of the new LEED certified MEETT Convention Centre, scheduled for the end of 2020, shows the environmental commitment of the city’s partners. From Boardroom…

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Prague: CVB Ambassadors Build Technology Hub

Who helps an association to decide which destination should host its next conference? Who better to provide the personal element than the city’s own thought leaders? Prague’s Ambassador Program started back in 2008, shortly after the establishment of the Prague Convention Bureau. A collection of academics was assembled with immediate results. From Boardroom…

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Autonomous Tractor Trails Smart Farming Conference

Japan is hosting a “smart farming” conference this year as its manufacturers use technology to improve yield efficiencies in the sector. The International Conference on Agricultural Internet of Things and Smart Farming is being held this April in Tokyo. It comes as the Osaka-based Kubota Corporation has unveiled a fully autonomous tractor. From AMI Intellectual Capitals…

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England: Heritage, History, Geography and Knowledge

It has ancient academic powerhouses with adjacent knowledge clusters like Oxford and Cambridge. It has the meetings-friendly pairing of Newcastle and Gateshead in the North, not to mention Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and of course London. England’s expertise is making it a world-class meeting destination. Photo: VisitBritain / Guy Richardson. From Boardroom…

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Getting Personal with AI, Sustainability, and Evolving Q and A

In comes another year, and with it yet another list of trends to watch on the horizon. Events will deliver personalised experiences with the aid of artificial intelligence. Plus, sustainability, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and flygskam (flight shaming) are also on the map, as is Q and A 2.0, Conversation and input. From PCMA…

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MCI: Seven Emerging Industry Trends for a New Decade

For Iceberg partner MCI, seven key industry trends are emerging as the new decade begins: human-centred technology, a new meaning to “live”, the move from “event planners” to “event strategists”, the evolution of personalisation, trust and ethics in the data economy, the power of brands, and sustainability in action. From MCI…

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Calgary: Life Sciences and Healthcare Meetings Hub

Calgary has seen steady growth in life sciences and healthcare, with research clusters spread across the city and a vibrant ecosystem of over 200 companies in the sector, both start-up and mature. Association conferences in the field have seen the potential impact their meetings can have in Calgary, and have consequently been piling up. From Boardroom…

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Endourology Congress Secured by Seoul

Seoul has been spotlit as a leading knowledge hub in minimally invasive urological surgery through securing the 2022 40th World Congress of Endourology. The event will bring around 2,500 specialists from 90 countries to the Coex Convention and Exhibition Center in Gangnam. Another Seoul sector event relayed live surgeries from local hospitals. From AMI Intellectual Capitals…

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Canada: Meeting the Allure of Leading Knowledge Hubs

With successful sectors like life sciences, technology, agribusiness, aerospace, clean technology, natural resources and advanced manufacturing, Canada is becoming an increasingly “alluring” destination for global meetings and events. Planners can reach into local industry and academia to shape their meeting agendas, grow their attendances and create legacies. From Boardroom…

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