The Sustainability of the Business Events Industry in Malaysia

Growing its business events sector is part of Malaysia’s strategy to achieve status as a developed nation by 2020. This case study presents the contribution made by the 55th ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) Congress towards developing the business events sector in the country.

ICCA’s event engaged political leaders and the local community to raise awareness of the needs and potential of the sector, initiated education opportunities that developed talent, enhanced Malaysia’s marketing activities globally, and contributed to conservation initiatives.

Relationships of trust have been established among industry stakeholders in Malaysia and beyond, which has resulted in supportive networks and improved inter-organisational collaboration. These connections are key to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

The case study shows that while events alone have a short lifespan, their legacies can be leveraged far into the future for the benefit of communities, industries and economies.

The Sustainability of the Business Events Industry In Malaysia: Leveraging Inter-Organisational Collaboration for the 55th ICCA Congress (full report)

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