Zoom-in on the Swiss Fintech Corner Setup at Sibos 2016 in Geneva

The Geneva Convention Bureau has adopted a policy of promoting Geneva not only as a destination but also as a center of economic, knowledge and innovation excellence. It does this by marketing meetings and events in relation to local key clusters of industry.

As a result, a dynamic and virtuous feedback loop is established between Geneva’s economic or knowledge environments and the industrial sector involved with any event.

On the one hand, the local Genevan sector spreads its excellence to the international audience participating in that event. On the other hand, the industry cluster of the event provides benefits to Genevan knowledge, research and development. It also transfers valuable skills.

Such was the case with the Swiss Fintech Corner setup during Sibos 2016 (the Swift International Banking Operations Seminar).

Zoom-in on the First-ever Swiss Fintech Corner Setup at Sibos 2016 in Geneva (full report)

Swiss Fintech Start-ups Featured at Sibos 2016 in Geneva (Geneva’s press release from September 2016)

Swiss Fintech Corner: A Showcase for the Finest Swiss Fintech Start-ups (flyer from September 2016)

Geneva: Sibos 2016 and Aligning with Knowledge Sectors (The Iceberg video feature from February 2017)

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