ICC Sydney: Feeding Your Performance

Many international convention centres use sophisticated methods to measure the economic impact of business events in their host cities. Others recognise the importance of food in customer experience and promote programs like paddock to plate or food miles.

ICC Sydney marries these two concepts together and takes them to a new level by measuring the wider impacts of its operations on the regional areas from which its supply chain sources.

The University of Technology Sydney tracks ICC Sydney’s supply chain beyond city boundaries, overnight stays, restaurant tabs and in-venue purchases.

ICC Sydney’s recognition of farmers and their communities has the potential to influence job growth, to build regional social capital, and to contribute to the New South Wales Government’s aim of growing businesses in these areas. ICC Sydney’s marketing efforts have the potential to further spur regional development by attracting tourism.

ICC Sydney: Feeding Your Performance (full report)

ICC Sydney: Feeding Your Performance (abridged brochure)

ICC Sydney: Feeding Your Performance (first year report)

At IMEX 2017, Iceberg curator Robert Coren met with ICC Sydney CEO Geoff Donaghy and the two UTS Business School Associate Professors behind the study: Dr. Carmel Foley and Prof. Deborah Edwards.

Geoff Donaghy, ICC Sydney CEO: “We’ll continue that tracking over a number of years periodically”.

The producer footage shown is from ICC Sydney’s own video about its supply chain…

Pierre Issa, Pepe Saya: “It’ll really take our butter to the world”.

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