Lost in the storm: the academic collaborations halted in 2012 by Hurricane Isaac.

Here in Europe, the meetings industry is safely back home after the largest ever IMEX in Frankfurt. Around 3,500 exhibitors representing well over 150 countries took part, and their efforts fill a good part of this issue.

Meanwhile, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – that compliance nightmare for so many in the sector – has come into force. Like every other connected EU citizen I’m now under constant assault, with hundred of businesses I barely remember brazenly demanding that I inspect their privacy policies. O tempora o mores!

In issue 35 of Business Events World and on The IcebergFeatures looks at how Queensland’s many robotics institutions and academic departments just connected at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Brisbane.

In News (click the right arrow), I give you IMEX and more IMEX: the opening ceremony, the IMEX Policy Forum and the IMEX Gala Dinner Awards. A malaria congress will open the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre expansion. ICC Sydney’s “Feeding Your Performance” project has published a first year report. The huge UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2021 is the first bid Australia has won with its national bid fund. Iceberg partners have launched an event impact calculator, a study project to promote accessibility, and an industry coalition to tackle sexual harassment. Fascinating research measures the academic output lost when a conference was cancelled in 2012 because of Hurricane Isaac. IACC has released its 2018 Meeting Room of the Future report. The convention part of the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre is now open.

There’s still more on The Iceberg itself (click View all News). Exhibitions Day will be bringing its campaign to Capitol Hill. Monaco’s events business is up, with medical meetings the focus. And Hawaii’s meetings and incentives continue despite the erupting volcano.

In Opinions (also clicking the right arrow), what were the challenges of organising the Trump / Kim Jong-un summit before its cancellation? Tourism Australia’s John O’Sullivan answers three questions. The PCMA Education Foundation’s Community Advocate of the Year calls for recyclable event waste. The Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau is using case studies to promote legacy. Legacy also was discussed at IMEX’s Association Day. And there are contrasting views on the state of incentives, from Jenner Carter of Lime Venue Portfolio and from SITE’s Pádraic Gilligan at an IMEX incentive panel.

In Research (still clicking the right arrow!), The Rise of the Convention Center Campus looks at changing approaches to venue placement. Lost in the Storm details those academic collaborations that never happened when a political science conference was cancelled as Hurricane Isaac approached. And for the third year in a row, IACC is presenting its 2018 Meeting Room of the Future.

Finally, ICC Sydney’s “Feeding Your Performance” first year report has been added to the project’s page in JMIC Case Studies (a final click on the right arrow!).

Respecting your privacy…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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