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Book Extract: “Business Event Legacies” by Goodfellow

Last year Goodfellow Publishers released “Business Event Legacies: Global industry case studies”, from Carmel Foley, Deborah Edwards and Karin Weber. Previous work by Foley and Edwards includes the first JMIC Case Study published here on The Iceberg, and this book cites all of those studies. Here the volume’s content is outlined. From Meetings International…

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JMIC’s Kai Hattendorf: Industry Advocacy and Lessons Learnt

The Joint Meetings Industry Council, which presents The Iceberg, has supported industry advocacy through COVID-19 with resources like the JMIC Global Manifesto and JMIC Advocacy Guide. President Kai Hattendorf now looks at the state of advocacy in the sector, examining also some of the lessons that have been learnt. The past year has generated a…

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JMIC’s Rod Cameron: Vaccine v. Variant, so Where to from Here?

With the competing forces of the vaccine rollout and the emergence of variants waging a battle across most of the world, there are few simple scenarios for the future of the events sector. Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council (which presents The Iceberg), asks “where to from here?”. From UFI…

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Not Another Industry Statement: The JMIC Global Manifesto

Months now into the COVID-19 pandemic we are awash in sector pronouncements and assertions, even if the route to recovery in this challenging situation remains rather unpredictable. But the recent global manifesto from the Joint Meetings Industry Council is a little different. So says JMIC’s Executive Director Rod Cameron…

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Fiona Pelham: JMIC’s Manifesto and Making Events Sustainable

The webinar that The Iceberg just produced on JMIC’s Manifesto for Economic Recovery Using Business Events contained a section on the document promoting the use of business events as a means of addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Fiona Pelham, the CEO of Iceberg partner Positive Impact Events, picks up that baton. COVID-19 has changed the…

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Review of the JMIC Manifesto Webinar: Historic or Déjà Vu?

The Iceberg has just hosted a webinar built around the JMIC Manifesto for Economic Recovery Using Business Events. This review says the packaging may have been “inflated”, but that the content was “laser-focused”, and that the main speaker Prof. Greg Clark (left) was “supernaturally articulate”. How unified is the sector? From Association Meetings International…

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Coronavirus: JMIC’s Rod Cameron Discusses Preparing for Recovery

International travel is now all but shut down and meetings are either cancelled, postponed or online. It’s hard to think about rebuilding while still in the eye of the storm, but it’s nevertheless vital. Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council, which presents The Iceberg, talks sector recovery. From JMIC…

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JMIC’s Legacy Report: Sharing Stories Gives Advocacy Weight

“Business Events Legacies”, the Joint Meetings Industry Council’s recent report, reveals “significant” failings in the way governments measure the true value delivered by conferences, congresses and trade shows. But further sharing of sector impact stories could give the report weight in the battle to convince the world of the industry’s worth. From UFI…

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Kai Hattendorf: UN SDGs, UFI, JMIC and the Global Alliance

After enduring record temperatures at sector meetings, the CEO of UFI, global association of the exhibition industry, muses on its recent report about supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Joint Meetings Industry Council is doing similar work, plus Iceberg partners UFI, ICCA and AIPC have launched a Global Alliance. From Kai Hattendorf via LinkedIn…

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Meetings and Events Across a World of Political Disruption

Where meetings and events choose to go, and how they approach their content, are affected by many factors, not least the influence of political disruptors like Brexit or the 2016 US presidential election. So says Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council, which presents The Iceberg. From CIM News Magazine…

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The JMIC Summit: Giving Business Events a Global Voice

The Iceberg revels in the complex cross-networking of its industry association partners. Recently the Chief Marketing Officer of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence attended his first Joint Meetings Industry Council summit in Hannover, Germany. Here he is with the confessions and impressions of a JMIC virgin. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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Not All Visitors are the Same

As destinations face pressure and even community backlash over visitor numbers, Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) and the Joint Meetings and Industry Council, examines the effect visitors have on destinations, and how targeting business events can reap real dividends for destination communities. From CIM News Magazine…

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Education: Any Organisation’s First Priority

In a fast-changing and uncertain world, education is probably the most important thing any business does. Its importance is growing, driven by specialisation of professional skills, by speedier deployment of products and services, and by its own evolving visibility and delivery. By Rod Cameron, Executive Director, AIPC and the Joint Meetings Industry Council. From Boardroom…

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AIPC Research Creates a Roadmap for Industry Advocacy

A roadmap for industry advocacy has emerged from a piece of research conducted by AIPC, the International Association of Convention Centres. The AIPC Local Resident’s Survey targets three cities where the impact of visitor traffic is considered an issue: Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam. An advisory from Rod Cameron, Executive Director, AIPC and the Joint Meetings Industry Council…

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