The ICC Sydney (in JMIC Case Studies) and SDCC (in Features) “edible legacies”.

In this packed issue of Business Events World – and on The Iceberg – we serve up a double helping of edible legacies. In Features below find out how the San Diego Convention Center is serving up a “100 mile harvest”. Further down the new ICC Sydney’s “Feeding Your Performance” philosophy and commitment to sourcing from within New South Wales is the subject of a JMIC Case Study. There’s even a companion video for the report, interviewing venue CEO Geoff Donaghy and the UTS Business School academics who conducted the study.

But this has been a fortnight of very serious news for the sector. Indeed there’s more on The Iceberg than we can post here (please click below on “View all News”).

As we put the previous issue to bed, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas was just becoming apparent. The George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston – and also the Kay Bailey Hutchinson in Dallas and Austin Convention Center – opened their doors as mega-shelters. PCMA launched a relief fund for industry colleagues impacted. Please see the story in News below and donate.

And now Irma is wreaking further destruction. As I write, most of Florida is without power. This is a state that only just won a lengthy battle to fund its DMO and increase visitor numbers. Once again venues are cancelling events and preparing to save lives.

But after the recent terror attack in Barcelona, the huge European Society of Cardiology Congress has been held there with great – and healing – success. Over 31,700 delegates from 153 countries attended. 4,515 abstracts were submitted. A companion three-day public health event was staged, which included the arrival of the Swiss Society of Cardiology bikers (pictured below), who cycle to the congress every year from Switzerland.

Business event legacies come in all guises, and sometimes a legacy even wears lycra.

Speaking of which… this is your final call for submissions to ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance’s “Incredible Impacts” awards. You can also see our IMEX 2017 video about the scheme in Features below.

Stay safe, and until the next time…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg

The ESC Congress 2017 and its “Ciutat Cardiosaludable” public health event.


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