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Congresses May Move Over Abortion Access

The US Supreme Court ruling that lifted constitutional protections for access to abortion services has now prompted calls for scientific events to boycott states that have banned or severely restricted services. At least one organisation has already moved a meeting out of Louisiana over the issue of abortion rights. Photo: Ted Eytan. From Nature…

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Roe v. Wade: Making Event Site Selection Political Decisions

On the back of a flash survey, Editor James Lancaster talks with Loren Edelstein, VP Content Director at Northstar Meetings Group, about how the US Supreme Court’s about turn on Roe v. Wade could inflence where international associations meet, and whether organisations should be being political about site selection. Photo: Ted Eytan. From Association Meetings International…

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8 November 2017

Destinations International: Sales Academy 1, Louisiana, USA

For those new to CVB sales, this is the perfect course to get you what you need to know to start selling: Hotel Sales vs. Destination/CVB Sales; Understanding Your Product; Sales 101: Prospecting; RFPs and Responding to RFPs; Get to Know Third Party Planners and the Independent Planner; Planning FAMs/Destination Previews; Site Inspections; Working the Tradeshow Floor

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6 November 2017

Destinations International: Sales Academy 2, Louisiana, USA

Sales Academy 2 has been totally revamped, envisioned and revitalized. Whether you’re a sales professional with a few years of CVB sales under your belt or a seasoned professional, you’ll want to attend this course! We have new facilitators, leading CVB Sales Experts who are currently leading some top destinations in their sales efforts and…

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6 November 2017

Professional in Destination Management (PDM), Louisiana, USA

The PDM Fundamentals course is one of seven courses needed to complete the PDM Certificate. The Fundamentals is an interactive educational course focusing on evolving trends in the travel and tourism industry and marketplace and how destination organizations successfully align with these changes. Key to this success are the operations of the organization and its place within the travel and tourism…

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5 November 2017

Certified Destination Management Executive Program, Louisiana, USA

Recognized by the destination marketing and management industry as its highest educational achievement, CDME is an executive-level program for experienced destination organization professionals seeking advanced professional development. The focus of the program is on strategic vision, leadership, organization performance, community stakeholder management as well as marketing and product development best practices.

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