Destinations need “curators, adopters, catalysts, activists and collaborators”.

In this edition of Business Events World, The Iceberg‘s global spotlight falls on a must-read piece of research for anybody in the business of destination marketing and management. Iceberg partner Destinations International has released a 2017 update to its DestinationNEXT Futures Study of 2014.

The report further explores three transformational opportunities identified in the previous study. In sales and marketing, shifting away from broadcast to engagement and from the transactional to the strategic. In destination management, playing a greater role in product development. And in evolving the business model, placing greater emphasis on partnerships and collaboration.

To deal with industry disruption the report cites five critical roles that destination organisations of the future need to play: those of curators, adopters, catalysts, activists and collaborators.

This curator is already hooked.

Also in Research below, an Australian Workplace Skills Survey highlights critical gaps that are seriously impacting the business events industry down under. This story is also in News (click on “View all News”), with more on the 2024 and 2028 Olympics, a great survey about the practicalities of meetings travel, and figures on the sector’s economic impact in Bristol, Perth and Glasgow. Our partners report on the development of Tanzania and regional New South Wales as destinations, contingency planning after terror attacks, a new industry degree course in Perth and a revamped Events Centre in Queensland. Kuala Lumpur now has a Business Events Alliance, Visit Tampa is putting Visit Florida “on hold”, and new research looks at both sector sustainability and what really irritates planners as they select venues.

In Opinions, we have views on ROI, a suspended event that itself got suspended, and also the thoughts of Manchester Central’s Shaun Hinds.

Until the next time…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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