Geopolitics Have Created Uncertainty for Business & Cultural Events

What a difference a month makes.

While a record-busting IMEX America celebrated the appetite for in-person events never being greater, the world was suddenly turned upside down by events in the Middle East.

Signs of an increasingly unstable world as the US is called upon to provide cover for another region beyond Eastern Europe with concerns mounting ahead of US Presidential elections in 2024 that China may yet test America’s resolve in the South China Sea.

So excuse us if we don’t over-egg the business event successes on view in issue #109 of Business Events World from The Iceberg presented by the Joint Meetings Industry Council.

Our thoughts and prayers rest with the innocent.

In News, events are cancelled or postponed across the Middle East while VisitBritain Business Events unleashes its ambassadors. In Features, all eyes are on the next generation of leaders as AIPC’s FutureShapers serve up a reminder that the convention venue sector is in fine hands with past students returning as faculty. What a legacy leadership program the Iceberg Ambassadors Samantha Glass and Kathleen Warden have created. And the International Union of Architects (UIA) maintain the youth engagement focus in its sector as the 28th edition of the World Congress delivers future strategies for alignment to the UNSDGs through the prism of its own youth engagement. ICC Sydney strengthens its commitment to social impact, Boardroom’s Remi Deve reports from Innovate Canada, ESAE reiterates the value of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab and Skift reveals MeetDenmark’s latest report with insights for event legacy success.

Elsewhere in Opinions, Jack Johnson, chief advocate at Destinations International, reminds us of the importance of destination promotion as a catalyst for community vitality and does so by sharing The Iceberg’s informal award for the ‘Infographic of the Year 2023’ by Maura Gast.

These and the world’s leading publications, newsletters, research, and resources await your delectation but, of course, nothing can take away from the spectre of despair as The Iceberg prepares to share its return venture into Lviv, Ukraine, for the Unbroken Emergency Summit. The seemingly forgotten war rages more vociferously than ever as winter approaches and Republicans seek to rein back U.S military aid.

The world is indeed changing.


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