UIA Congress 2023: Engaging the Legacy Generation

Home to the UIA Congress 2023, Copenhagen has relished the title of World Capital of Architecture. But behind the spotlight was a determined group of women collaborating to ensure that the legacy of both the event and the profession burns brightly for generations to come.

UIA worked with the Copenhagen Convention Bureau and other stakeholders across the city to ensure that the challenges facing the construction sector, particularly in energy and waste management, featured in a series of pre-designed activities which engaged the youth of the sector to drive positive change. As Natalie Mossin, the Congress President explained, “We made a special effort to have young students and practising architects, politicians, and young activists as part of this Congress because there is no longer tail than when you have a long (architectural) practice ahead of you.”

UIA Congress 2023 was an accelerator for coalescing the professional community to address challenges in construction

Although the bid for the Congress pre-dated the Copenhagen Legacy Lab, the UNSDGs remained the anchorage for the pre-event activities and outcomes emerging from the Congress which addressed not just the negative footprint of the sector, but the equality of access to housing.

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