The 7-Step Process of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab Explained

Launched at the 2019 BestCities Global Forum, the revised 7-step model of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab (CLL) is explained by Copenhagen Convention Bureau Deputy Director and Iceberg Ambassador, Bettina Reventlow-Mourier.

Starting the process begins at, or before, the RFP planning stage of a congress (or event) to ensure that intentional outcomes and impacts can be best defined and resourced by the destination and the association. Based upon the EU Commission Framework for Impact, the model defines the 7-step pathway to achieving Immediate Outputs, Outcomes Derived from those Outputs, the Impacts resulting from those Outcomes, and the Legacies that lead back to the original objectives defined by the RFP.

Reventlow-Mourier contextualises the application of the CLL citing the 2022 ESTRO Congress drive to use the platform as a means of accelerating patient entry to clinical trials and the improved patient care as a result of those trials.

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The pathway to effective outcomes, impacts, and legacies of events using the Copenhagen Legacy Lab

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