AIDS 2022 Conference Creates ‘Immeasurable Value’

In 2022, Montréal Convention Centre hosted the 24th International AIDS Conference, organised by the International AIDS society, bringing together approximately 8,000 people, including scientists, clinicians, people living with HIV, community leaders and decision-makers, and other stakeholders from around the world. A further 1,000 attendees joined the event virtually.

The main aims of the conference were to advance HIV research, convert evidence into action, and ultimately end the threat posed by HIV and AIDS to public health and individual well-being by 2030. But the event has also had local impact – for example, it led to the Canadian Government announcing an increase to its investment in HIV testing in remote communities and among hard-to-reach populations.

From Montréal Business Events:

AIDS 2022: A Case Study

The International AIDS Conference Ends — But its Legacy Remains

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