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Net Zero and Changing Industry Narratives on Climate Change

With recent sustainability initiatives in the event sector, including the signing of JMIC’s Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge at COP26 and others joining UNFCCC’s The Race to Zero, are this industry’s narratives around the climate crisis changing, and will net zero be enough to improve the global situation and safeguard our industry? From Event MB…

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COP26: Hosting the Ultimate International Climate Change Event

In terms of legacies left for the planet, COP26 is surely the most important business event ever to come to the UK. But what does it mean for Glasgow to deliver this ultimate global climate meeting? Voices include Iceberg ambassador Aileen Crawford, Glasgow Life Head of Tourism and Conventions. From Meetings & Incentive Travel…

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Turning Our Talk Into Action Over Net Zero Carbon Events

The Joint Meetings Industry Council pledge over Net Zero Carbon Events is not the end of the events industry, as some alarmists have decried, but rather a new beginning. But the key will be measurement. Here is how assorted Iceberg partners worked together to make progress on the issue, including Positive Impact. From Exhibition News…

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M&IT Webinar: Event Sustainability in The Next Normal

In this M&IT webinar, a panel of experts joined editor Paul Harvey to dive into what sustainability will look like in “The Next Normal”. The group discussed the polluting reality of the meetings industry and conjured up solutions to combat waste and stay “on the right side of history”. From Meetings & Incentive Travel…

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Carbon Offsetting for Events: Which Projects Are the Most Effective?

One way to take action on climate is to purchase carbon offsets, paying to help the planet when you do something that harms it, like air travel. But not all carbon offset programs are equal. Critics argue that some projects don’t deliver any benefit at all, while others do more damage than good. From PCMA…

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A Line of COPs: An Isla Conference of Parties Historical Guide

Just what is COP26, and why should it matter to meetings professionals? Sustainability not-for-profit isla put together this handy historical guide in advance of the Glasgow COP26 conference. Which destinations have hosted previous COPs, and what legacies did they create, if the climate emergency is still upon us? From Meetings & Incentive Travel…

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AMI Podcast: Legacy, #MEET4IMPACT and Geneviève Leclerc

Geneviève Leclerc, the Managing Director of the International Society of Limnology, tells AMI’s Deep Dive podcast about #MEET4IMPACT, the not-for-profit Iceberg partner she co-founded in 2019. This facilitates associations and host destinations in creating more sustainable and more impactful meetings to the benefit of society. From Association Meetings International…

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Net Zero Carbon Events: A Pledge for Action

The global meetings industry is being urged to join together in an historic pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. JMIC (the Joint Meetings Industry Council), which presents The Iceberg, has launched an initiative called Net Zero Carbon Events to connect the sector with the growing movement to radically reduce emissions. The United Nations Framework Convention…

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UFI Launches Global Policy Leadership Series

Kai Hattendorf is CEO of Iceberg partner UFI, global association of the exhibition industry. He has launched the UFI Global Policy Leadership Series, holding a series of high-level ministerial conversations to hear directly from government representatives about their economic plans and the role exhibitions play stimulating economies and societies. From UFI…

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