The GDS-Index is a performance improvement programme to make the business and leisure tourism industry more sustainable. In a collaborative effort it supports destination management organisations and convention bureaux to adopt, promote and recognise responsible and regenerative practices.

Iceberg partner the Global Destination Sustainability Movement evaluates four key areas that it believes are vital to the sustainability performance of a destination: the city’s environmental strategy and infrastructure, the city’s social sustainability performance, industry supplier support, and the destination management organisation’s strategy and initiatives.

In 2021, Gothenburg came top of the list of cities in the GDS-Index for the fifth year. With a score of 88.95 out of a possible 100, Gothenburg received the 2021 GDS-Index Leadership Award.

The results demonstrate that DMOs are in action on sustainability with 24 more destinations participating than did in the previous public benchmark of 2019. Despite this influx of new destinations, the scores have remained consistent with an average of 61.74 in 2019 and 61.69 in 2021.

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