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24 June 2024

ICCA Global Association Forum 2024, Cancun, Mexico

The ICCA Global Association Forum is an annual event focused on bringing together association meeting planners, senior association representatives and meeting suppliers from across the world, to provide valuable insights and practical tools and resources to support the association meetings industry. The event will also incorporate tailored business networking opportunities, using a unique matchmaking technology…

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An Association’s Guide to Kick Start Commercial Thinking

White Paper by Adjunct Associate Professor Deanna Varga: The stability, viability and sources of revenue forAssociations are under the microscope at boardroom tablesacross the globe. Diversifying revenue streams is critical forAssociations seeking financial stability, sustained growth,seeing through challenges, managing the talent crunch,addressing flux in the marketplace, the impact of increasingcompetition and digital transformation…

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In Praise of ‘Association Intelligence’

From ESAE: This article by Martin Sirk, International Advisor to our Partners at Global Association Hubs Partnership, explores the pitfalls of chasing the latest business trends and highlights the untapped potential of Association Intelligence. It highlights how Associations can leverage their unique attributes to build long-term success and offer genuine value in a world obsessed…

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Consolidation on the Horizon for Meetings Industry Associations

From Skift Meetings: Meetings industry associations stand at the precipice of what many perceive as long overdue change. Some remain on shaky financial footing as they try to recover from the Covid pandemic. Others have fallen short in at least one of the key areas most important to a thriving association — innovation, advocacy, and…

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26 September 2023

ESAE | Policy Manifestos and Associations’ Impact, Belgium

This event will bring together Association Executives and EU policymakers come together to discuss how Associations can enhance their impact and foster a transparent, integrated, efficient, and inclusive ecosystem. The session will be hosted by Spanish MEP Gabriel Mato and led by ESAE’s Advocacy Community Leaders, Rosa Armesto and Guido Lobrano, with an introduction by…

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Taking Your Association Global

By Matty Rubenstein: When ‘taking your association global’ you have to define one thing very clearly, what do you mean by ‘taking your association global?’ We all know that the world is a big place, and that by ‘going global’ you will give yourself access to more people, more customers, more money…

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17 August 2023

ICCA Sector Venues International Business Workshop, Cancun, Mexico

ICCA Business workshops are a quick and effective way to get a well-informed overview of what offers are available on the market from ICCA members and to exchange knowledge best practices between associations and meeting suppliers. During the workshop, a series of one-to-one business meetings will take place where all associations executives will have the…

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‘Inspiring’ Associations Honoured at Inaugural ESAE Awards

Association were recognised for their ‘exceptional achievements’ at the ESAE (European Society of Association Executives) Association Awards, were held in Brussels on June 15th. Mike Morrissey, ESAE President, opened the ceremony and attendees were greeted by a special video message from Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament. From Association Meetings International…

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European Parliament President Issues Message of Thanks

From ESAE: We were honored to receive a special video greeting from none other than Roberta Metsola, the President of the European Parliament. In her message, she emphasized the indispensable role of European Associations in enriching the EU civil society and positively impacting the lives of citizens. It is a true testament to the dedication,…

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Association Leadership Survey 2023

Discover the insights and trends shaping association leadership in the Association Leadership Survey 2023. Developed by ESAE in partnership with Mavence, this comprehensive report provides a comprehensive overview of diversity, compensation, leadership skills, and career advancement patterns within associations…

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Cities ‘Selfish’ to Pursue own Event Legacy Agenda

By James Lancaster, AMI Magazine: Associations must decide what they want an event to achieve in terms of legacy and host cities should act as nothing more than facilitating partners, according to a new white paper by Hague & Partners Convention Bureau. Cities who actively push a legacy agenda, to reap long-term local benefits…

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All Models are Wrong (but Some are Useful)

From Boardroom Magazine: Statistician George E.P. Box coined this aphorism in relation to his own discipline, but it’s since been appropriated by almost every field of human endeavour. International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk explores how it applies to association business models, with a little help from his new AI assistant…

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27 April 2023

European Association Summit, Brussels, Belgium

The European Association Summit (EAS) in 2023 will investigate the effects of the green and blue revolutions on the associative community. Leveraging the EU Year of Skills 2023 as launching pad, we will explore the potential of younger members and mentorship programs, as well as the importance of upskilling and reskilling in the current landscape.

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How to Build an Effective Grasstops Advocacy Program

Grasstops advocacy is necessary for associations to have success on Capitol Hill moving forward. For organizations newer to the concept, here’s a success-driven roadmap to follow. At the height of the pandemic, organizations were mobilizing advocates to connect with lawmakers to push for a variety of legislative concerns, such as financial assistance… From ASAE…

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The Complexities of EDI in a Global Context

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and belonging, all terms that have become part of our everyday lives as association executives. We know we need to do more. We know we have responsibilities. But how do we frame our actions unless we reflect on our privileges, biases and assumptions, as individuals and as associations? From Boardroom Global…

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The Unspoken Secret to Good Governance

International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk argues that people rather than processes have by far the greatest impact on outcomes. Books, articles, case studies and panel discussions on this topic almost never examine the destructive potential of a single “bad governor” with influence over the association’s levers of power. From Boardroom Global…

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61st ICCA Congress: Lessons in Legacy

The 61st International Congress and Convention Association Congress was held last month in Kraków, Poland. The four days of content programming concentrated on three key industry topics: diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability and legacy. Some of the legacy speakers also contributed to this Iceberg video Feature, here presented together with video of five of the legacy sessions….

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CityDNA Summer School: Destination Turin

The 36th edition of the CityDNA Summer School was hosted in late August. This year the Iceberg partner educational meeting graduated 43 students from Europe and South Africa. As well as video about the Summer School itself from Turin, Italy, this feature looks at participating medical associations and their meetings, sustainability and also hybrid meetings….

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