The August 2017 total solar eclipse. Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

It has not exactly been an uneventful final fortnight of the holiday season. Spain suffered a major terror attack. Texas is coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even the sun went dark for a while.

In this edition of Business Events World, The Iceberg’s Features lead explains the chemical attraction of Cologne, and why the destination was recently home to the 20th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry.

In Opinions there are pieces on training / recruitment, engaging speakers (pun intended), and on keeping the joy in events. We also repost an AIPC advisory on industry advocacy from the redoubtable  Rod Cameron.

In News, Dubai Business Events and the Cape Town & Western Cape Convention Bureau have announced strong results (click on “View all News”). Melbourne has won its largest ever conference. The European Society of Cardiology has issued a statement on the Barcelona terror attack on the eve of its congress there. Industry mental health is being discussed in the UK’s Midlands. Attendee list vetting – anonymous blacklists notwithstanding – is being discussed in London. Life sciences and biotech are cross-pollinating in Aberdeen. The Malaysian Society of Association Executives has been launched. Singapore is uniting tourism and business events under one brand.

There are also three research-based stories in News. Venues’ quality of service is crucial in customer retention. Medical congresses are finding healthcare provider education to be a challenge, and just how do leading companies use incentives? The full research upon which the latter two stories are based is also posted in Research below.

And finally… at President’s Trump’s iconic Mar-a-Lago resort, three major charities have cancelled bookings since POTUS’s much discussed comments on the violence in Charlottesville. Are these examples of what I now tag as “Reverse Legacy”? On many sides?

Here’s to the end of the quiet season…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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