“Business events are the perfect tool to stimulate a high value economy and to solve our social and environmental problems.”

Most of us returned euphoric, if not exhausted, by the frantic edition of IMEX 2023. No talk of Covid nor evidence of it. Good riddance.

But something has changed. The conversation.

We lead Issue #105 with urban observer, Prof. Greg Clark CBE FAcSS, who co-moderated the IMEX Policy Forum – the Business Event Sector’s primary meeting place for advocacy and political engagement. He gives 5 reasons why the narrative has shifted below our Iceberg’s rising waterline.

Also in this #105’s abundance of new narrative we enjoy another insight from outside of the sector [as Geoff Donaghy says, “it’s what others say about you rather than what we say about ourselves” – see Opinions] to address the other dominant conversation in the bars of Frankfurt; the role that AI will play in transforming the delivery and maybe the creation, disruption, or destruction of business events. The other lead feature comes from The Iceberg’s coolest of publishing partners, Meetings International [they call it “slow journalism” and we love it], which reaches out [a phrase less loveable] to Scott Steinberg, President & CEO of Bizdev to unfold the AI spaghetti.

Next month, PCMA reveals PROJECT SPARK in response to the opportunities and threats presented by AI. “AI will not take our jobs away but those who use AI will take our jobs away!” says CEO, Sherrif Karamat. Doesn’t miss a trick, does he?!

But meanwhile, recline and absorb the non-artificial, human engineered, people inspired affluence of BE sector insights, legacies [including our old friend Dr. Ryan D’Arcy of BIOTIC in Halifax, Nova Scotia – see Opinions also], news, views, and research that confirm why and how business events are changemakers…

Enjoy, and share!


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