CLARITY OF MISSION: How the ESTRO Madrid Project Yielded a €700m Legacy for Cancer Patients in Spain

The 2021 BestCities Global Forum in Madrid came just a few months after the city hosted the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) Congress. The Iceberg has been following the evolution of its legacy engagement project – The Madrid Project – which derived from a revolutionary RFP created by CEO Alessandro Cortese, and explained at the IBTM Policy Forum by ESTRO’s former COO, Sven Bossu.

The Iceberg joined BestCities to capture the remarkable legacy of the ESTRO Congress which will serve to dramatically improve the treatment of cancer, save thousands of lives, and vastly reduce the healthcare economics of Spain’s oncology sector. In this video, Cortese and Madrid Convention Bureau’s David Noack combine to share the story which will serve cancer patients across the country for decades to come…

Cortese wrote an RFP which will dramatically improve cancer care in Spain.


Sven Bossu first outlined ESTRO’s new RFP at the 2019 IBTM Policy and Practise Forum.

Further resources:

View an extended version of the ESTRO case study featuring #Meet4Impact’s Genevieve Leclerc

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