Congress organisers at ESTRO, the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, are requiring host destinations bidding for their events to help them connect with local communities and create lasting legacies in cancer care. They are doing so through the running of so-called “engagement projects”.

Ideas for such initiatives, typically with stakeholder involvement from cancer specialists, patient advocacy groups and regional government, are expected during the request for proposal stage. ESTRO then scores destinations 40 percent on the functional aspects of their bid, and 60 percent on the suggested engagement project(s). A three-year ESTRO engagement project in Madrid is launching this month.

Speaking at the recent IBTM Global Policy and Practice Forum 2019 in Barcelona, ESTRO’s Head of Innovation Sven Bossu explains why cities should think beyond logistics and prioritise legacy.

ESTRO’s Sven Bossu at the IBTM Global Policy and Practice Forum 2019.


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