SAVING LIVES: Why are we killing our children?

Liver disease is killing over 300,000 Europeans every year. It is one of the silent killers of mass destruction. And it’s about to get significantly worse…

In a case study video double-bill The Iceberg shares the ‘Legacy and Impact Trilogy’ developed for the International Liver Congress (ILC) in London by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) – the Home of Hepatology.

Inspired by The Lancet Commission Report, the world’s largest community of hepatologists sought to effect a change in the management of liver disease – and cancer – to include early screening and detection, to re-engineer public health policy in relation to diet, alcohol consumption, illicit marketing by the Food & Drinks Sector, and to encourage behavioural change among Londoners (and beyond) through community outreach & engagement. This extensive ASSOCIATION CONGRESS CASE STUDY is water on the desert of a sector which has so much storytelling in social impact yet to be told.

Initiated by EASL managing director, Ben Hainsworth, The Iceberg is hoping his fellow AC Forum cadres follow his lead during his term as President…

In VIDEO Part 1, his fellow board members and hepatologists weigh in on the debate.

“Without chronic liver disease we wouldn’t have liver cancer. Cases detected early can be treated.”

VIDEO Part 2: Teaming up with the British Liver Trust, Calverton Primary School, London’s Deputy Mayor for Business, broadcasters Channel 4 and the BBC, the association co-created a legacy & impact program from the event so successful that it will be repeated and extended into this year’s ILC in Vienna.

One of the disturbing outcomes revealed when The Iceberg interviewed EASL members was the alarming rate of escalation in liver disease – not just among 50–60-year-olds – but also among children and adolescents. There are lessons for us all.

“We need a public health approach and perspective. It has to be through interventions at a population level and through education.”

The Iceberg is using this page to encourage more associations to design and capture the legacies of their events. Similarly, this is a shout out to: AC Forum, ESAE, PCMA, and ASAE to galvanise their members into doing the same as we continue to advocate the social, economic, and ecological value creation derived from professional events such as the ILC2022.

Further reading:

The EASL–Lancet Liver Commission: Protecting the next generation of Europeans against liver disease complications and premature mortality

EASL’s Maraika Geisterfer-Black recently addressed the ICCA 61st Congress – click here to watch the video

Additional news item added 20/07/2023 – From Vienna Convention Bureau – Legacy: Medical Congress in Vienna Focuses on Liver Health

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