Jane Cunningham

Managing Director, Cunningham Consulting AB

A Scot based in Sweden who loves life in the Nordics.

Her expertise is based on 20 years of experience across the meetings industry.  Over this time she has been fortunate to have gained wonderful experience and friends from working for some great hotels, a convention centre, a destination marketing organisation, a PCO before spending the last 10 years working for BestCities Global Alliance, part time, as Director Community Engagement.

In recent years she has extended her work to deliver facilitation, moderation as well as consulting projects related to meeting legacy and driving positive change

She is passionate about the impact that meetings can have on organisations, participants and communities where the meeting is held.  This does not just happen, intention, dialogue and stakeholder engagement are critical to success.  People need to be inspired to engage and to understand the potential impact.  She brings this approach to her facilitation to create open, trusting and inclusive environments with high energy levels while being focused on the process to enable meaningful outcomes.

She is a Certified Virtual Facilitator and delighted to be part of the Global Advisory Network (GAN), an affiliation of professional facilitators working primarily in the meeting and hospitality industries.