Australia’s Coxless Four: Pulling in the Same Direction

Welcome to Issue #104 of Business Events World from The Iceberg & Partners. Collective interest trumps self-interest as Australia’s leading industry associations merge. In Opinions, its PCOs refuse the U-turn to pre-pandemic design and; “it’s time we shape up or find something else to do!” In Case Studies, a reminder of the ESTRO RFP that yielded a 700m euro cancer legacy – why haven’t all non-profits followed suit? AIME’s Leaders Forum points to the need for data if we’re to expect social or corporate license to operate. And Vancouver’s creative tech space is fuelled by the Frontier Summit – another intellectual capital is seemingly born with events at its source. These and countless other news, features, and opinions from the world’s leading publishers and BE sector associations but there’s a theme here: In God we Trust, everyone else bring data if we are to advocate coherently. If Australia’s BE associations can, should our global associations not look to do the same? Now, there’s one for next month’s IMEX Policy Forum to chew on – have you booked your seats yet?

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