Two weeks can seem a very long amount of time.

The day before President Trump’s Travel Ban II was to have come into force, Hawaii did win its legal stay against it. Maryland soon followed, one plaintiff citing the damage the ban would cause to academic conferences.

The US banned large electronic devices in passenger cabins on flights from ten Middle East and North African airports. The UK followed with a a similar ban on flights from six countries.

The African Global Economic & Development Summit, held annually at the University of Southern California, proceeded with no one at all from the continent attending. Every African delegate – about a hundred – was refused a US entry visa.

And four people were horrifically killed in a London terror attack just outside Parliament. The perpetrator was British born. The city and its international visitors showed extraordinary courage, resilience and solidarity through and after the outrage.

This Business Events World in Case Studies below… Singapore Tourism Board CEO Lionel Yeo tells us about the city-state’s approach to business events. And AIPC and JMIC’s Rod Cameron describes the wider training and skills legacies of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

In Opinions, the Convene editorial  team offer thoughts on redefining business events legacies. Hawaii’s staging of the IUCN World Convservation Congress is featured in the video. Click on Matthew McConaughey!

Let me also say “willkommen!” to tw tagungswirtschaft (TW Germany), whose team will be furnishing Business Events World with a series of event legacy case studies over the coming months. The Iceberg is encouraging similar initiatives from destinations, event organisers and our wider network. Please help share the legacies of your events by clicking here.

And finally… Global Meetings Industry Day – April 6 2017 – is now less than two weeks away. More information and video at Meetings Mean Business.

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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