The Committee for Sydney has just launched The Sydney Culture Essays.

Well, now we really have gone global.

In the US, Attorneys General from the District of Columbia and sixteen states filed a brief to uphold the block on Trump Travel Ban II (see News below).

Emirates – whose Dubai hub is a major transit stop for the proscribed countries, and whose passengers are also affected by the ban on larger electronic devices in cabins – said demand has dropped and that it will cut flights to the US from 126 to 101 (see News again). Later it clarified this is “not a permanent arrangement”.

In 2014 I interviewed Emirates’ CCO and marvelled through his window at the long line of gleaming A380s on the Dubai tarmac. So surely these cuts have got to hurt? Well, some in the US claim Emirates’ flights there are actually loss-leaders. Perhaps there is wider aviation industry politics in play here, not just Abu Ivanka al-Amreeki.

Meanwhile United Airlines became a managerial horror story. Take your pick from the scorpion sting or the violent re-accommodation of a passenger and two of his teeth (see both Opinions below). Perhaps the carrier-outer should take lessons in brand management from Pepsi.

In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May U-turned and called an early general election to consolidate Brexit. She is hoping the country won’t also now do the hokey cokey and turn around. Some in the events industry say it should (see Opinions also).

And – full circle – Australia tightened up visa requirements for skilled workers coming to the country. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said “we are putting Australians first” (sounds vaguely familiar). “It’s essential that we maintain a culture that attracts bright minds to our shores” wrote that great Australian champion of our own industry, Business Events Sydney’s Lyn Lewis-Smith.

Lyn’s words come from a new collection called The Sydney Culture Essays, a veritable masterclass in how a destination should present itself. The Committee for Sydney is behind it, which used to be chaired by… oh yes… Lucy Turnbull, wife of Malcolm. I interviewed her about Sydney in 2015.

In this issue of Business Events World, all of the above… plus IAPCO on changing association business models, Montreux as a hydro hub, plus ROI in Opinions and Visit Florida in News.

Welcome to Boardroom as a partner of The Iceberg, congratulations to the ambassadors just honoured by the Prague Convention Bureau (see photo below)… and – globally – happy International Mother Earth Day.

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg

The Prague Convention Bureau held its eighth Ambassador Awards on 13th April.


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