Global Meetings Industry Day 2017 around the world.

Scrolling through Twitter feeds during Global Meetings Industry Day was oddly comforting in these troubled times.

As world leaders try to restrict visitors from proscribed countries, to build border walls and to Brexit – and as terrorism further constrains how we travel – how genuinely uplifting it was to see sector professionals reach out to like minds across the globe and with simple smiles and handshakes bridge the borders and barriers that divide us.

A GMID group photo in front of the Cinderella Castle at Disney Florida was my personal favourite. It really is a small world after all.

Of course even that musical earworm of the Sherman brothers – who wrote all the best songs of our childhoods – is itself the legacy of an event. The original “Small World” ride was created for the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

In this Business Events World, you can also hear last year’s GMID anthem in the GMID news story below. There are other news updates too on the less happy stories detailed above… the ones that make us feel a bit like the San Diego PSAV Jurassic Park effort just below.

And if you like your animals alive rather than extinct, check out Antwerp’s stunning new venue with attached zoo in the case studies section.

There are opinions aplenty as well further down, including three contributions from the German Convention Bureau, a new partner of The Iceberg.

Next year’s GMID is April 12 2018.

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg

The Jurassic Park approach to GMID. It may be scary, but life finds a way.


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