Africa… a beautiful place for business events.

As Matthew McConaughey – actor, Austin resident and occasional PCMA Convening Leaders star turn (should that be Interstellar turn?) – once put it: “Africa is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been”.

I would very much agree. It has been far too long since my last trip there.

In this Business Events World, The Iceberg has teamed up with the Event to provide a detailed overview of the business events landscape in Africa.

At Meetings Africa 2017 a significant bidding fund was announced by the South African treasury. But subvention should always be carefully linked to economic development and to achieving growth in key knowledge sectors. In Features below there are plenty of interesting voices across the article by Event Editor in Chief Katie Reynolds-Da Silva, and also in the three videos created for the piece by The Iceberg.

Also in Features there are articles on the knowledge hubs of Singapore and Calgary. In Opinions there is one on the metrics that matter in any feedback you ask delegates to provide. All of these come from PCMA Convene.

In News, we have Trump Travel Ban II’s partial reinstatement and the lifting of the large electronics flight cabin ban in lieu of other security measures. The UK now has its first masters degree in business events and is hosting more conferences and meetings than it has since 2008. Korea has topped the Union of International Associations 2016 global rankings. Europe’s venues are upping their prices. Wales, Orlando and Prague are home to this fortnight’s new, expanding or upgrading conference venues. And there are some fascinating figures on event disruption from an Incentive Research Foundation study.

Until the next time…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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