The rift in the Larsen C Ice Shelf photographed in November 2016.

In this edition of Business Events World, the biggest Iceberg story yet to break… quite literally.

According to NASA’s Aqua satellite, at some point between July 10th and 12th a massive chunk of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica finally snapped off. The resulting A-68 iceberg is 5,800 square kilometres in area, 200 metres thick and weighs over a trillion metric tonnes.

The new berg, while being larger than the US state of Delaware and one of the biggest ever recorded, is currently lacking any quality meetings industry infrastructure. There’s clearly an investment opportunity here for some brave MI venture capital fund. Or perhaps a small… ahem… floatation?

Back in the real Iceberg / Business Events World News section this issue… Successful Meetings names the industry’s twenty-five most influential people. An anonymous blacklist naming and shaming alleged events freeloaders is dividing opinion. A plague on both your houses perhaps? AIPC “transforms” the new ICC Sydney, Nottingham launches an events ambassador scheme, and Hawaii a further legal challenge to Trump Travel Ban II. A second legal association is boycotting Texas, this time in a protest against different state laws from the first. Applications have opened for the ASAE Foundation’s Innovation Grants Program, and Paris, Los Angeles and the International Olympic Committee are together coming up with a whole new approach to destination bid selection.

In Opinions we have the US Fiduciary Conflict of Interest Rule and its effect on Incentives. There are pieces on artificial intelligence, on different definitions of affordability, and a helpful list of ten guiding event design principles for PCOs.

And in Features… a fascinating read on how Colorado fought to secure the Outdoor Retailer show for Denver… and – back in Sydney – video coverage of the 2017 AIPC Annual Conference at ICC Sydney (with a couple of faces very familiar to The Iceberg).

Until the next time…

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg


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