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Event Design: Ten Guiding Principles for Organisers

“Uneasy lies the head of the PCO” to adapt Shakespeare. But what should a PCO’s guiding principles be in designing a conference or exhibition? What works really well and what really does not? Principles 1 – 5 are listed on the article page. Click through issue 7 of the full magazine at the bottom for 6 – 10. From the Event…

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How Affordable is Affordable?

Whether it’s all about the cost of the airfare itself or of the transportation from the airport, whether it’s about the pricing of the meeting’s accommodation, food and beverages, Wi-Fi access or off-site venues, views on what constitutes affordability in the meetings industry are as many and varied as are the events themselves. From Successful Meetings…

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What AI Means for the MI

AI or artificial intelligence is widely perceived as a paradigm shift in computing that will supplant human labour rather than assisting or complementing it. But far from driverless vehicles or robots replacing human workers, it may be in less obvious areas like attendee profile matchmaking that the invisible technology truly comes into its own. From Meetings & Conventions…

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Name and Shame Blacklist Disowned by Conference

The plague of bogus professional attendees who serially freeload at events has long been understood by the meetings industry. But an anonymous “name and shame” email listing 31 people alleged to have no real connection with the sector has also just caused controversy. The conference to whose attendees the list was sent has disowned it. From Association Meetings International…

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Meetings Industry 2017 “Most Influential” Named

Twenty-five people have been named by an Iceberg partner publication as 2017’s “most influential” in the meetings industry. The group – sorted into “game changers”, “strategists”, “trailblazers”, “advocates” and “educators” – includes representatives from ASAE, ICCA, MCI, MPI and PCMA. All of them are making an impact right across the sector. As chosen by the editorial team at Successful Meetings…

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