In 2017 Iceberg partner European Cities Marketing, in partnership with Toposophy, published eight bold statements in The Future of DMOs: The ECM Manifest that set out a vision for what DMOs (destination marketing organisations) could and should become. The final of these statements warned of ‘‘The New Normal’’, a world in which ‘‘crises of every kind have become the new norm, causing in just a few hours, the kind of damage that can take years of recovery’’. COVID-19 has now spread around the world on a time scale that is being measured hour by hour, day by day. Its impact on the economy and global society is likely to be felt for at least a generation.

But the purpose of this new paper is not to generate more heart-stopping headlines. As a network of professional globally-minded people who care about cities and the people who live in them, it is time to share insights that will help us to help those around us: our colleagues, entrepreneurs, political decision makers, visitors, and of course local communities. The DMMO COVID-19 Continuity Checklist is part of a series of activities ECM is undertaking to assist its members to navigate the challenges of today and to prepare for a new tomorrow.

The DMMO COVID-19 Continuity Checklist

ECM – Toposophy Webinar Presenting DMMO COVID-19 Continuity Checklist (ECM webinar)

The Future of DMOs: The ECM Manifest (ECM manifest)

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