Welcome again to Business Events World, a summary published every two weeks of content posted on The Iceberg. Welcome again to The Iceberg.

What is it with the speedy rush to produce a sequel even when the original has received mixed reviews?

President Trump’s Travel Ban II landed on March 6. There are now six mainly Muslim countries proscribed instead of seven. There is a full week and a half of prior notice, greater clarity on exemptions and no preferential treatment for refugees of minority religions in the six countries.

Hawaii filed its lawsuit the following day. Five other states so far are next in an orderly queue.

Also in our news section… how the Ban franchise is impacting travel to the US. Research from ForwardKeys measures a dip of 6.5 percent in the eight days after Travel Ban I.

And you will find below as well a new CIM piece on the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux pre-budget submission calling for a national bid fund and free visa access for business events delegates. The AACB says AU$805 has been lost to the the country’s economy in the coming decade through convention bids not won. The documents mentioned in the report are in The Iceberg‘s research section here. Among our case studies immediately below we also have Sydney’s Beyond Tourism Benefits.

But there is some happy news too this issue! Don’t forget that Global Meetings Industry Day – April 6 2017 – is now less than a month away. More information and video at Meetings Mean Business.

Robert Coren, Curator of The Iceberg.


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