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Hopin Events and Session Products Sold for $15 Million

Hopin recently announced the sale of its Events and Session products to RingCentral, which has now disclosed in an SEC filing an upfront purchase price of $15 million for the assets – a price that could climb to $50 million based on the achievement of specified undisclosed performance targets. From Skift Meetings…

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RX Acquires Corp Events, owner of Big Data & AI Paris

Global event organiser RX has announced the acquisition of Corp Events, owner and organiser of Big Data & AI Paris and Big Data & AI Toronto and organiser on behalf of the EuropIA Institute and SEMEC of the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF). Launched in 2012, Big Data & AI Paris… From Exhibition World…

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9 August 2023

Latest News & Unlocking the Power of AI for Events

During this webinar, we will dive into the core features and functionalities of Spark AI Tool showcasing their applications in various industry domains. Current users will share their experience with the platform and answer your questions during a live Q&A. This event is available to the EMEA audience.

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Event Tech Platform Joyn Acquires Arinex

Event technology platform Joyn has acquired Arinex, the largest Australian owned business event management company. The combined group, to be called The Arinex Group, says it will focus on creating and technology led event experiences around the world. Arinex has 50 years of experience in a wide range of events… From Conference & Meetings World…

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Generative AI Takes Centre Stage at Fastest Growing Tech Event

Collision wrapped up its three-day conference in grand style. With 36,000+ attendees from over 118 countries descending in Toronto for this massive event, Hessie Jones sat down with Paddy Cosgrave, the visionary behind this globally acclaimed Collision conference, to delve into the roots, the impact and future for this dynamic gathering… From Forbes…

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Three Reasons Why AI Will Help, Not Harm, Associations

By Matty Rubenstein: Right now AI looks like good news for Associations, not the rumored enemy… why? Generative AI cannot invent – after my conversations with AI experts like Mario Brcic and Larry Todd Wilson it seems clear that generative AI is not the same as the AI Expert Networks that may one day…

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AMI’s Lancaster Chats Up Betty

“It’s possible to imagine chatbots forming their own association” – AMI editor James Lancaster quizzes ChatGPT on the relevance of associations, why hybrid deserves a second chance, and what’s real and not real…

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22 June 2023

Associations & Artificial Intelligence | Part 2: Beyond ChatGPT

Join Kamilia Amdouni from CyberPeace Institute, MigueI Neves, Editor-in-chief at Skift Meeting & Martin Sirk, International Advisor at Global Association Hubs Partnership on 22nd June for an hour of lively discussion about some of the big issues, opportunities & challenges facing associations in the era of AI!

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Five Ways to Use AI to Help Spark Event Session Ideas

From PCMA, by Beth Surmont: There are three times in my career (so far) when I have felt like I’ve seen the future. The first was when I saw an online registration system and rejoiced that I would no longer have to deal with faxes and manual credit card payments…

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2 June 2023

Webinar: Dissecting the Chat GPT/Generative AI Disruption

The explosive adoption of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools brings enormous opportunities and challenges for all industries, events included. Many jobs will be eliminated, many will be made vastly more efficient, and most will evolve in a significant capacity. Much like the pandemic and pivot to virtual events, this disruption will have winners (those…

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Atti Soenarso: Intelligence of Imagination

Has the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) changed our view of how the world will develop? AI can create art no one thought existed and can change the whole academic world because some students think it’s okay to put a word programme like Jasper AI or ChatGPT to write complete essays… From Meetings International…

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Neil Jones: The Rise of Integrated Live Media

In the post-Covid industry, many people talk about the move from physical to digital – a virtual safe space where the boundaries can be pushed and pandemics can’t kill a creative idea. The Campaign Experience Awards tell a different, even more exciting, story. From…

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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Vancouver Leads New Frontier

Kassandra Linklater, chief operating officer at The Frontier Collective, has been at the epicentre of Vancouver’s emergence as an intellectual capital in ‘Frontier’ technologies. Speaking at the BestCities Global Forum, Linklater explains how industry has been actively encouraged by government to assume license to lead in promoting the city as a hub for start-ups, scale-ups…

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For Tech’s Sake…

Why the sector needs to stop jumping on new technology fads and assuming that they will benefit events. By Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer, RefTech, from M&IT Magazine: We don’t manufacture anything, and the events we organise are generally transient – but we’ve been around as an industry for hundreds of years…

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10 May 2023

Webinar | Unlocking the Power of AI for Event Planning

Artificial intelligence technology and tools are now available to the masses. Not just ChatGPT, but Bing, Bard, Claude, Ernie, and more to come in the future. How are these AI tools going to help you in your event planning? “Unlocking the Power of AI for Event Planning” webinar will unravel what cutting-edge AI tech and…

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Events Industry Fed Up by Business Impersonation Fraud

A coalition of event companies and trade associations have joined together to urge the Federal Trade Commission to rule in favor of targeting government and business imposters, the most reported type of scam last year. Losses from these scams increased by 50% from 2021 to 2022, and the industry has had enough. From Skift Meetings…

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Blackstone Agrees to Acquire Cvent for $4.6bn

Meetings, events and hospitality technology provider Cvent Holding Corp. (“Cvent”) (Nasdaq: CVT), has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of private equity funds managed by Blackstone in a transaction valued at approximately $4.6bn. From Conference & Meetings World…

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How AI Will Transform Events

Business networking events and conferences are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels this year, but they’ll look different than they did in 2019. And believe it or not, that’s because of AI. By Stefan Deeran, Forbes Councils Member, co-founder and COO of Vendelux, a leading AI platform for event marketers and conference organizers, from Forbes…

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Hydrogen Consortium aims for NZ Green Air Travel Trailblazer

Aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus has joined a consortium of companies including Air New Zealand and Christchurch Airport with the goal of pioneering the commercial deployment of green hydrogen-powered aircraft. The six businesses in the Hydrogen Consortium include Airbus, Air New Zealand, Fortescue Future Industries, Taranaki’s Hiringa Energy, Fabrum and Christchurch Airport. From…

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