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24 July 2024

Technical Meeting & Event Production Certificate, Online

Does your audiovisual production proposal read like a foreign language? After the venue, audiovisual is often one of the largest budget items, yet so often planners are unable to make sense of a typical proposal. Do you know how many lumens your projector should have? Should you use a PAR fixture or Lekos to light…

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“Connecting the Dots” Between Innovation & Healthcare

From Boardroom: At the recent 2024 European Association Awards (organised by ESAE), MedTech Europe’s original “Connecting the Dots” campaign was honoured with the prestigious Digital Transformation Award. The association received this recognition for the exceptional impact of the video series produced in collaboration with BBC StoryWorks, demonstrating how digital communication can revolutionise the healthcare sector….

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6 November 2024

Community Cafe: Beyond ChatGPT, Online

This workshop will take a deeper look at ChatGPT and explore the universe of other AI solutions. We’ll explore a range of groundbreaking AI tools that can transform the way associations operate and interact. This highly practical session is perfect for those wanting to maximise the potential of AI in their association. If you are…

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5 June 2024

Getting Hands-on with AI: ChatGPT and its Components, Online

Kick-off your AI journey by uncovering the incredible potential AI holds for your association. We’ll start with a showcase of the latest AI innovations and how you can use then in your association today. Then, we’ll include a beginner-friendly guide to understanding and using ChatGPT effectively. This workshop is ideal for those looking to grasp…

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9 September 2024

AIPC Cyber Bootcamp, Luxembourg

AIPC, in collaboration with our partner Paratus, is organizing a 5-day boot camp on cybersecurity taking place at the ECCL. Covering all aspects from prevention to detection and response, this program includes lectures, workshops, and simulations. Offered at an accessible price of 2,500 € (excluding travel or accommodation), this is the same high-quality training provided…

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27 October 2024

Small & Boutique Meetings Fall 2024, South Lake Tahoe, CA &...

Small & Boutique Meetings — Northstar’s premiere hosted-buyer event designed specifically for small and boutique-sized meetings — bringing together highly-qualified meeting buyers with destinations, hotels, DMCs, technology and merchandise providers, and other suppliers ready to welcome smaller events. Attendees participate in one-on-one pre-scheduled appointments, gain industry insights from our guest speakers and network with this…

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23 May 2024

PCMA | AI EventXcelerator, Washington DC, USA

AI EventXcelerator promises to be a transformative experience for event professionals seeking to stay ahead in an increasingly AI-driven industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, expand your network, and revolutionize your approach to event management. Join us and unlock the power of AI for your events with Spark AND these sessions are…

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Mission Innovation – A Story of Hydrogen and Conference Power!

From SFA Connect: Mission Innovation, a workshop on hydrogen energy and the national gas grid, was held in Chester, UK in 2019. This event brought together experts from across the world, to share best practice and combine ideas on how to overcome challenges within the energy industry. Participants represented governments, industry and the research community…

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Your Events Are Leaking Value: AI is the Plug

By Veemal Gungadin, CEO of Gevme | Tech Entrepreneur: As event professionals, you pour your hearts and souls into crafting unforgettable experiences. You curate engaging speakers, design thought-provoking workshops, and foster a dynamic environment for idea exchange. But here’s a sobering truth: the magic often fades as quickly as the last attendee leaves. Hours of…

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First Future Meeting Space Research Meeting in Frankfurt

From German Convention Bureau: Emerging opportunities, persisting classics, fading models: business events in a transformative era. This year’s research phase of the Future Meeting Space innovation network – the result of a collaboration between the GCB German Convention Bureau and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO – focuses on the question: “What’s coming, what’s…

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Australia and the Future Cities Agenda

From Property Council of Australia, by Prof. Greg Clark: To set the scene to next week’s Future Cities Summit, world renowned urbanist Greg Clark has penned an essay addressing the core issues on the Summit agenda: This future cities agenda does not just imagine a world of hyper competition between 10,000 cities. It also anticipates…

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11 April 2024

GMID: Tackling Events in a Hybrid World, Toronto, Canada

Celebrate #GMID2024 in style as PCMA Canada East partners with MPI Toronto Chapter for an inclusive cross-industry event that will get you face-to-face with industry peers for food, networking, learning and a day to remember. The theme is “Tackling the Industry in a Hybrid World”, where you will learn how to strengthen your effectiveness professionally…

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GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Continues to Set Pace of Change

From Forbes, by Sarwant Singh: As a foresighting expert, I love going to large Mega shows like MWC and CES to witness the remarkable advancements that will shape our future. For me, this event holds a personal significance as it sets the stage for commercializing groundbreaking technologies in the coming years. At the MWC this…

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Glasgow Exemplifies how Cities can Embrace Sustainability

From Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Glasgow, also known as the “Dear Green Place” or “Glaschu” in Old Scots, has evolved into a hotbed of innovation, embracing sustainability as a core tenet of its urban development. Gavin Slater, Glasgow’s Head of Sustainability, and Aileen Crawford, Glasgow’s Head of the Glasgow Convention Bureau, provide insights…

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A Win in the Fight Against Conference Scammers

From MEETINGSNET: The Federal Trade Commission has finalized a rule allowing it to take scammers to court—including those who fraudulently use conference names, logos, and mailing lists—and seek financial penalties. “Advocacy works!” said Tommy Goodwin, FASAE, CAE, PMP, CMP, vice president of the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance, applauding both the Federal Trade Commission for finalizing…

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Solaris Pours Scorn on Tech Sceptics

Four years to the day have passed since the beginning of the boom and bust of virtual event technologies and the beginning of the bust and boom of in-person events. Remember when investors went crazy for event tech stocks and the trade media held countless webinars using virtual technologies confirming that business and professional events…

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How Social Media Addiction Became Rife Among Event Professionals

From AMI: The latest First Look Research survey from Northstar Meetings Group suggests one in four event planners are not in control of the amount of time they spend on social media, while almost 20 per cent say it is having a negative effect on their mental health. At the same time, the majority of…

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Meet the Visionary Canadians Attracting International Events

From Boardroom: When people think of Canada, they may picture pristine mountainous landscapes, the most famously friendly people in the world or perhaps a bottle of maple syrup. And while Canada is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty and an incredibly welcoming population – some of whom enjoy a drizzle of syrup here and there…

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US Picks 31 Regional Hubs to Spur Tech Innovation

From Reuters: The Biden administration on Monday named 31 US regional technology hubs from 370 applicants, making the areas eligible for $500 million in federal funding to help spur innovation across a variety of sectors. President Joe Biden’s ‘industrial policy’ effort uses federal government dollars to fund prospective growth sectors from electric vehicle battery production…

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Unveiling the Innovation Powerhouse of Tech Central

From Boardroom, by Vicky Koffa: Conferences are conduits of knowledge and innovation when met with a solid ecosystem of academia and business. Sydney, with its dynamic fusion of talent, cutting-edge tech facilities, and stunning natural surroundings, has emerged as the ideal destination for hosting global tech and innovation-focused events. At the heart of Sydney’s tech…

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SXSW Sydney Explained: How Will the Austin Festival Work in Australia

From The Guardian: For 36 years, South by Southwest has been synonymous with one city: Austin, Texas. But this month the annual music, film and tech festival will launch a new event in Sydney – the first time it has been staged outside the US. Running 15 to 22 October, the festival is being billed…

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