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21 April 2024

AIPC Academy, Brussels, Belgium

The AIPC Academy is the only comprehensive professional development program specifically serving the needs of international convention centre managers! Designed to address the critical need for centres to maintain fully qualified staff in a highly competitive industry, the AIPC Academy provides a targeted, cost effective form of training and development along with the means to…

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Kai Hattendorf – 5 Trends to watch in 2024

From UFI: It took our face-to-face industry only two years to essentially recover from the most serious pandemic in more than a century. In addition, the industry has managed to deal with global inflationary pressures not seen in a generation. On top of that, we have faced new wars and growing geopolitical tensions. Despite all…

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24 June 2024

UFI-Exhibition Management School (Jun-Jul 2024), Online

UFI and MBB-Consulting Group (MBB) are working to provide this industry education programme for exhibition organisers: the UFI-Exhibition Management School (UFI-EMS). The curriculum was developed jointly with the UFI community, making it a programme designed by exhibition organisers for exhibition organisers. Target Group: Mid to Senior representatives from Exhibition Organising Companies; Language: English; Format: Online…

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15 December 2023

How To Ace the Discovery Phase of Event Design, Online

You’ve started working on a new event, with new clients or stakeholders and you’re starting from scratch – how do you go from square one to designing a plan for your event to meet all of the strategic objectives? In the design and discovery phase, we ask A LOT of questions! Though we are the…

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