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Communicating What’s Good about Business Events

By Pádraic Gilligan: Last May the Events Industry Council published the latest iteration of its Global Economic Significance of Business Events and valued business events’ contribution to global GDP at USD$1.6 trillion. This figure, in fact, would rank business events as the 13th largest economic stream globally. The EIC study, conducted in partnership with Oxford…

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Corporate Group Business Continues to Outgrow Other Segments

From Lodging Magazine: U.S. hotel performance has continued to inch toward normalized levels over the past three-plus quarters. The trend of normalization is evident across most data segments, but in recent months, particular attention has been drawn to group business. Even with slightly higher supply in the market, group occupancy grew year over year in…

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Nothing but Award Washing

From Meetings International, by Roger Kellerman: How many international “competitions” are there to select the world’s, the continent’s, or a certain region’s or country’s, best hotel? How many owners and managers happily send their best-looking employees, in their fanciest outfits, to these so-called award ceremonies around the world to promote their “wins?” If we take…

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Fred Dixon to Inherit Pent Up Demand at Brand USA

From Travel Pulse: Amid the fanfare of a press conference about the growth of inbound United States tourism, Brand USA Today officially introduced its new president and CEO and bid goodbye to its longtime leader after a dozen years of service. Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, welcomed Fred Dixon into…

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Congress Threatening to Create Airport Chaos this Summer & Beyond

From US Travel Association: A severe and troubling scenario for travelers could play out at airports this summer travel season if Congress enacts an amendment by Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and John Kennedy (R-LA) to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill. According to a U.S. Travel Association analysis, the proposed amendment could result in travelers…

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Eurostar Trains to be 100% Run on Renewables by 2030

From Travel Tomorrow: Eurostar has announced its intention to run all trains on renewable energy only by 2030. The target was set in the rail company’s first sustainability report, released on 1 May 2024. Travelling by rail instead of air is already a massive carbon emissions saver, slashing a passenger’s footprint between Paris and London…

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