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2 March 2023

Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management

Learn how to manage destinations through regenerative business models, destination stewardship approaches, and stakeholder engagement methodologies. We are all under pressure: visitor economies, their host communities, the earth, and the vulnerable. We need a new approach to recover, flourish, and thrive.

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25 May 2023

12th City Cards Expert Meeting 2023, Ljubljana, Solovenia

(This event is open to CityDNA members only, specifically to tourism professionals working on city cards schemes.) Our broad approach will include presentations and discussions on latest product developments, successful partnerships, innovating marketing strategies and much more. Meet and network with European colleagues managing city cards schemes, share knowledge and insights to stay ahead of…

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7 September 2023

CityDNA | 18th TourMIS Users’ Workshop & International Seminar...

The 18th TourMIS Users’ Workshop & International Seminar will be hosted in Vienna, September 7-8, 2023. It is organised jointly by City Destinations Alliance, the European Travel Commission & Modul University Vienna and is aimed at city, regional, national, and international tourism organizations, as well as universities and companies from the hospitality and tourism industry. It is directed toward managers,…

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12 June 2023

Destinations Exchange Europe, London, UK

Destinations Exchange Europe is ETOA and CityDNA’s new event focussing on the commercial, operational and people-driven development of the tourism industry. A two-day programme of pre-scheduled B2B business meetings is paired with a series of knowledge sessions dedicated to product development and optimisation, overcoming operational hurdles and effective public/private destination management, with a focus on…

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Flavie Baudot

COO, City Destinations Alliance

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Flavie Baudot has more than 20 years’ experience in the Tourism and Meetings Industry. She began her career with diverse experiences in customer relations in the insurance and hospitality sectors and then decided to specialise in tourism, mixing her avid passion for international relations, people and cultures. Having graduated in Tourism Management and Culture in…

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